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Music Apreciation Final Composers

13th century French composer who used impressive organa for as many as four simultaneous voices; most famous for his piece Organum, "alleluia. Diffusa est gratia".
Ludwig van Beethoven
German Composer who is a transitional figure between the classic and Romantic eras
Claude Debussy
20th century French composer who is associated with the Impressionistic movement in Art and the symbolist movement in literature
Guillaume de Machaut
14th century French composer who was a churchman and a French poet known for his Motet, "Quant en moi".
Franz Schubert
19th centruy German composoer who wrote over 600 lieder and volumes of chamber music
Igor Stravinsky
20th century Russian composer who gained fame through his early ballets and is considered one of the greatest composers of the century
Gullaume Dufay
15th century French composer known for composing the first polyphonic mass.
Robert Schumann
19th century German composer who wrote several song cycles, including Dichterliebe, plus chamber music and symphonies. He was lightly regarded as music critic and writer as well as one of the gre at composer s of the early 19th century
Arnold Schonberg
20th century German composer who invented the 12-tone system of Composition
Josquin Desprez
late 15th to early 16th century French composer known for pioneering new expressive genre such as the sixteenth-century chanson and motet. Famous for technical prowess and expressive innovation. Most famous piece would be "Ave Maria"
Frederic Chopin
19th century Polish composer who spent his adult life in Paris teaching. Playing and publishing music primarily for piano
charles ives
20th century American composer known for his experimental style and who made his living as an insurance sales man
Giovanni Palestrina
16th century roman composer who was a choirmaster and singer fo rthe sistine chapel of rome most known for his church work during the counter reformation. One of his most faomous piece would be "Gloria"
Franz Liszt
19th century Hungarian composer who is considered to be the greatest piano virtuoso of the Romantic era. He is also highly regarded as a composer of orchestral and piano work.
Maurice Ravel
20th century French composer who's works represent the middle ground between impressionism and neoclassism
Giovanni Gabrieli
16th century Italian composer who was a organist in St. mark's Basilica knkown for playing with the acoustics in teh room by placing different peolple in different places. Most famous piece would be "o magnum mysterium".
Hector Berlioz
19th Century French composer known for innovations in program music. Symphonic Fantastique. He did not play an instrument was known as muic critic conductor and master of orchestration.
Bela Bartok
20th century Hungarian composer who had a deep interest in folk music
claudio monteverdi
late 16th century Italian composer who was the first person to have his music publicly criticized fo rbeing too radical . His music was the first opera music compostions.
Guiseppe Verdi
19th century composer Italian haled as the greatest composer of Romantic Italian opera. ONe of only few composers who was a financial and artistic success.
Aaron Copeland
20the century American composer who studied with Nadia Boulanger in Paris and is regarded as the greatest American composer of the 20th century.
Antonio Vivaldi
early 18th century Venetian composer he was the master of concertos
Richard Wagner
19th century German composer known fo rwriting music drama and developing use of leit motives as a compositional device.
Serge Prokofiev
Russian comoser who lived under the communist regime and was an oustanding composer and pianist
J.S. Bach
18th cnury German composer during the Baroque time period the most famous composer from this time period known for his precision composing and how he composed not fo ra large group but for himself and his students.
Pytor Tchaikovsky
Late 19th century russian romantic era composer known for his symphonies and vast number of popular orchestral works including the 1812 overature and Nutcracker Suite
Edgard Varese
20th century French composer who introduced the use of electronics in composition
George Frederic handel
Italian composer first made his name for Italian operas but continued by making great oratorios. One of his famous pieces would be the Messiah
Modest Musorgsky
Russian 19th century composer who wrote a piano piece inspired by an art exhibit htat was later orchestrad by Maurice Ramel. A member of the Mighty five and a fierce advocate odof Russian Nationalism.
John Cage
20th century American Composer known for his chance compositions
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
18th century Austrian composer known for his complicated operas and concertos one of the greatest Classical composers during that period . A famous opera of his would be the Magic Flute.
Johannes Brahms
German late Romantic-era composer who wrote symphonies and chamber music in traditional classical style. Sonata form instead of programmatic fomr.
John Adams
American composer who is the premier concert music composer today exponent of minimalism
Franz Joseph Haydn
18th century Austrian composer known for his massive amounts of work. He is said to be the ture musical representative of the Enlightenment
Gustav Mahler
Later 19th century German composer known for his monumental symphonies and as a conductor
Philip Glass
20th century American composer known as the leading minimalist composer