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(v)to prove or judge to be guilty (n)a person who has been proved guilty of a crime and sentenced to prison; someone who is serving a long prison term


(n)punishment; training that results in obedience and self-control; orderly behavior; control gained by enforcing rules of conduct; a branch of knowledge (v) to punish; to train in proper behavior; to bring under control


(n)a dark room or cell used as a prison, usually underground


(adj)serious, important, or grave


(v)to surround on every side; to close up in or fence off; to include with something else


(adj)happening step-by-step or by degrees; changing little by little


(v)to complain angrily but not loudly, to growl (n)a growling sound; a muttered complaint


(adj)with a rough or sharp edge; irregular or harsh


(v)to feed or help grow and develop; to support


(n)the act of supplying or making available; a stock of food or supplies; a step taken ahead of time; a condition, as in a contract (v)to supply with food or materials


(n)an agreement or contract between two or more countries, arrived at by discussion and compromise; the legal document that has the terms of such an agreement


(adj)feeling worried or unsure; causing discomfort

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