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Andrade (2009) Quizlet

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- Participants just finished a study they had volunteered for and were expecting to go home. (This was in hopes of increasing their boredom)
- Participants placed into 2 groups (Doodle/Control)
Those in doodle were given a paper with alternating rows of squares and circles (10 per row). Margin on left to write down target information ( People attending party). Told it doesn't matter how neatly or how quickly you do this. Told that this would relieve their boredom.
Those in control group got lined paper to write down target information
- Participants told before that they would be tested on names(monitoring task) but were not told about places (recall task)
- Half of the participants were asked to recall names attending the party THEN the places mentioned.
- Other half of the participants were asked to recall places mentioned THEN people attending the party. (Counterbalanced)
- Participants then debriefed and asked if they suspected anything (Demand Characteristic)
To operationalize DV'S, plausible mishearings, such as "Greg" for Craig," were counted as correct.
- Other names on the tape but not party-goers (John) were scored as false alarms. Other words relating to people, like "sister" were ignored. Final score for monitoring was the number of correct names minus false alarms.
- Participants led to a dull and quiet room and listen to a monotone message for 2.5 minutes (227 words per minute) 8 names of people attending party, 3 people and 1 cat who could not attend.
- Participants given instructions about writing only people attending party
- When finished, researcher collected sheets and talked to participants for a minute. During this time researchers apologized for deception of experiment and its true nature