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  1. Bifocal Spot
  2. Blinders
  3. Birdie
  4. Compact Iodide Daylight "CID"
  5. Ampere / Amps
  1. a low voltage uplight often used to conceal set pieces
  2. b has two sets of shutters
  3. c high intensity lamp that simulates daylight
  4. d measurement of electrical current in a circuit
  5. e face the audience to prevent them from seeing backstage

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  1. speakers used in addition to main sound system
  2. flaps on the front of a Fresnel that are adjusted to control the beam.
  3. analog to digital converter used in computer soundcards
  4. incandescent spotlight
  5. imaginary line down middle of stage

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  1. ThrowThe distance between a lighting source and what is being lit.


  2. Dipcode used by the Lighting Industry Forum to indicate recommended usage of lanterns


  3. ChaseIodine light used in followspots.


  4. ClearanceFOH communication that house is ready


  5. Ballyhoolighting effect when swinging a spot beam in a figure 8