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  1. Luminaire
  2. Birdie
  3. Clearance
  4. Arc Lamp
  5. Advance Bar
  1. a FOH communication that house is ready
  2. b Powered by battery, so not practical until invention of generator.
  3. c all-encompassing term for lighting equipment
  4. d lighting bar set downstage of the proscenium
  5. e low voltage uplight often used to conceal set pieces

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  1. part of lamp where lamp holder sits
  2. Used to decrease light's intensity without changing color
  3. lamp with frosted finish that diffuses light
  4. headsets used to communicate backstage
  5. main source of lighting

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  1. Fill Lightmain source of lighting


  2. Color Callrecord indicating exact focus of all lanterns


  3. Dousermetal plate inserted into lanterns to sharpen focus


  4. Compact Iodide Daylight "CID"remote-controlled batten with color changers


  5. Diphidden trapdoor concealing outlets on stage or a lacquer used to tint bulbs or lighting set up at stage level