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  1. Scoop
  2. Color Call
  3. Clearance
  4. Bump
  5. CL
  1. a mounted in ellipsoidal reflector - produces soft-edged, circular beam. Used as floodlight.
  2. b flash in light - often a cue
  3. c FOH communication that house is ready
  4. d imaginary line down middle of stage
  5. e list of colors needed for a lighting plan

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  1. filter that stretches light in different directions
  2. Used to decrease light's intensity without changing color
  3. level of illumination on a surface
  4. Iodine light used in followspots.
  5. code used by the Lighting Industry Forum to indicate recommended usage of lanterns

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  1. Arrayloudspeakers flown in for a performance


  2. Diphidden trapdoor concealing outlets on stage or a lacquer used to tint bulbs or lighting set up at stage level


  3. Ballyhoolighting effect when swinging a spot beam in a figure 8


  4. Backlightlamp that uses a parabolic reflector for high-intensity


  5. Bifocal Spotcomes from upstage or from behind actors.