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  1. Bifocal Spot
  2. CL
  3. Beam Light
  4. Attribute
  5. Clipping
  1. a lamp that uses a parabolic reflector for high-intensity
  2. b imaginary line down middle of stage
  3. c when sound is distorted because an amp is too weak
  4. d has two sets of shutters
  5. e aspect of moving light that can be controlled

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  1. blocks all but one color from coming through
  2. filter that stretches light in different directions
  3. FOH communication that house is ready
  4. abstract gobo - provides non-specific texture
  5. list of colors needed for a lighting plan

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  1. Throwlight with tight beam that produces intense light


  2. Maroondevice that creates the sound of an explosion


  3. Backlightcomes from upstage or from behind actors.


  4. Donutmetal plate inserted into lanterns to sharpen focus


  5. Fillsspeakers used in addition to main sound system


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