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  1. Blinders
  2. Burnout
  3. Backlight
  4. A1
  5. Cans
  1. a headsets used to communicate backstage
  2. b face the audience to prevent them from seeing backstage
  3. c comes from upstage or from behind actors.
  4. d code used by the Lighting Industry Forum to indicate recommended usage of lanterns
  5. e Gel that's melted or lost its color

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  1. Used to decrease light's intensity without changing color
  2. flash in light - often a cue
  3. remote-controlled batten with color changers
  4. sequence of cues to change lighting
  5. Flank actors. Enhance 3-D look

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  1. Aerolight with tight beam that produces intense light


  2. CMYrefers to colors mixed in moving lights


  3. Dousermetal plate inserted into lanterns to sharpen focus


  4. A-D Converteranalog to digital converter used in computer soundcards


  5. Compact Iodide Daylight "CID"remote-controlled batten with color changers