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  1. Donut
  2. Focus Chart
  3. Color Filter
  4. Fill Light
  5. Clipping
  1. a record indicating exact focus of all lanterns
  2. b blocks all but one color from coming through
  3. c compensates for holes in key lighting
  4. d when sound is distorted because an amp is too weak
  5. e metal plate inserted into lanterns to sharpen focus

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  1. used to bolt down scenery
  2. intense light - used for special effects
  3. device that creates the sound of an explosion
  4. lighting effect when swinging a spot beam in a figure 8
  5. when two colored beams are focused on one area

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  1. Dousersequence of cues to change lighting


  2. A-D Converterlighting bar set downstage of the proscenium


  3. Pin Spothas two sets of shutters


  4. Arc Lampintense light - used for special effects


  5. Aerocode used by the Lighting Industry Forum to indicate recommended usage of lanterns