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  1. Array
  2. Pin Spot
  3. Advance Bar
  4. A-D Converter
  5. Backlight
  1. a comes from upstage or from behind actors.
  2. b focuses a small beam on a specific spot
  3. c analog to digital converter used in computer soundcards
  4. d lighting bar set downstage of the proscenium
  5. e loudspeakers flown in for a performance

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  1. speakers used in addition to main sound system
  2. high intensity lamp that simulates daylight
  3. lighting effect when swinging a spot beam in a figure 8
  4. remote-controlled batten with color changers
  5. compensates for holes in key lighting

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  1. Pearllamp with frosted finish that diffuses light


  2. Donutmetal plate inserted into lanterns to sharpen focus


  3. Bafflematerial used to prevent light from spilling into another area or to reduce sound reflection


  4. Barndoorsflaps on the front of a Fresnel that are adjusted to control the beam.


  5. Attributeaspect of moving light that can be controlled