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  1. Baby Lens
  2. CSI
  3. Additive Color
  4. Compact Iodide Daylight "CID"
  5. Flagging
  1. a waving hands in front of beam to find where focus is on stage
  2. b high intensity lamp that simulates daylight
  3. c when two colored beams are focused on one area
  4. d Iodine light used in followspots.
  5. e incandescent spotlight

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  1. used to bolt down scenery
  2. low voltage uplight often used to conceal set pieces
  3. lamp with frosted finish that diffuses light
  4. FOH communication that house is ready
  5. metal flag used to block a beam of light

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  1. Color Filterused to bolt down scenery


  2. Dipimaginary line down middle of stage


  3. Maroonintense light - used for special effects


  4. Color Calllist of colors needed for a lighting plan


  5. Beam Lightmain source of lighting