Diseases, Disorders and Infection Control Study Guide


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Fragilities crinium is the technical term for
Split Ends
The technical term for gray hair is
An abnormal coverage of hair on the body where normally only vellus hair appears is
A condition in which alternating bands of gray and dark hair exist is called
Ringed hair
A condition in which the hair is beaded is called
The medical term for head lice is
Pediculosis capitis
The medical term for greasy or waxy dandruff is
Pityriasis steatoides
The most common form of hair loss in both men and women is
Androgenic alopecia
In androgenic alopecia, a combination of heredity, hormones and age cause
The shrinking of hair follicles
Sudden hair loss in round or irregular patches without the display of an inflamed scalp is referred to as
Alopecia areata
Which term is a temporary hair loss that occurs in only women
Postpartum alopecia
What should be done if a client has an infection disease or disorder of the scalp
Refuse the service and refer the client to a physician
A disease that spreads by personal contact is known as
Contagious or communicable disease
Abnormal changes in the structure of organs or tissues are called primary and secondary
A freckly is a type of
Herpes simplex is the technical name for which of the following conditions
Fever blister or cold sore
Which of the following lesions is characterized by a solid formation above the skin, often caused by an insect bite or an allergic reaction?
A secondary lesion appearing as round, dry patches of skin covered with rough, silvery scales is called
Which of the following secondary lesions are cracks in the skin
The dried remains of a healing wound are known as what
The lesion found following the healing of an injury or wound is called a
Which of the following describes a thickening of the epidermis from pressure and friction applied to the skin
A congenital failure of the skin to form melanin pigment is known as
Masses of sebum trapped in the hair follicle are known as comedones or which of the following
A condition characterized by dry, scaly skin caused by a decreased production of sebum is called
Which of the following is the term used for foul smelling perspiration
The lack of perspiration caused by fever or disease is known as
What sebaceous gland disorder appears in the dermis and epidermis is caused by an acute bacterial infection
What disease is commonly called athlete's foot or ringworm of the foot
Tinea pedis
What condition could result when hangnails become infected
The technical term for poor circulation that can cause a disorder is
Blue nails
The disorder in which the nail grows into the edge of the nail groove causing ingrown nails is called
Small white spots in the nail as a result of injury is called
Agnail is another name for
What sign can indicate a serious problem in the nail bed or nail plate
Improper filing, injuries or harsh chemicals can be causes of which of the following
Split nails
As people age, elastin fibers naturally ______ causing wrinkling
Approximately _________ percent of aging is caused by the rays of the sun
The weakening of collagen and elastic fibers occurs at a faster rate when the skin is frequently exposed to ________ without proper production
UVA rays
Shorter rays that stop penetration at the base of the epidermis are known as _________ rays
Children under the age of _______ should not be exposed to the sun
6 months
A closed abnormally developed sac containing fluid, semifluid, or morbud above or below the skin is a
A skin sore or abrasion produced by scratching or scraping is known as
An excoriation
A thick scar resulting from excessive growth of fibrous tissue is called
A keloid
An inflamed pimple containing pus is known as a
The technical term for whiteheads is
Closed comedones
The technical term for excessive perspiration is
Congenital absence of melanin pigment of the body is known as
The technical term for a birthmark is
The technical term for a callus is
A small brownish spot or blemish on the skin that ranges in color from pale tan to brown or blueish black is a
The technical term for a wart is
Skin cancer that starts with a black or dark brown patch on the skin that appears uneven in texture, jagged or raised is
Malignant melanoma
An eruptive skin infection caused by contact with irritating substances such as chemicals or tints is
Dermatitis venenata
A skin disorder that is characterized by light abnormal patches and caused by a burn or congenital disease that destroys the pigment-producing cells is called
The American Cancer Society recommends using the ABCDE Cancer Checklist to help make skin cancer easier to recognize; the A represents asymmetry, the B represents border, the C represents __________, the D represents diameter and the E represents evolving
Hangnail or agnail is a condition of
Split cuticles
Eggshell nails have a thin nail plate and are noticeably _______ than normal
More flexible
Darkening of the fingernails or toenails is called
Parasites are also known as
Nail disease or deformity in general is called
Tinea pedis is the medical term for
Fungal infection of the feet
__________ is a topical medication that is applied to the scalp twice daily and has been proven to stimulate hair growth
________ is an oral prescription medication for hair loss that is available to me only
The technical term for spilt ends is
A scalp condition characterized by red papules or spots at the opening of hair follicles is
Tinea capitis
Who enforces the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
What term describes the methods used to eliminate or reduce the transmission of infection organisms
Infection Control
Pathogenic bacteria are
Disinfectants used in salons that are capable of destroying bacteria are
Disinfectants capable of destroying viruses are
Disinfectants capable of destroying fungi are
One-celled microorganisms that have both plant and animal characteristics are
Bacteria that are round-shaped and appear singly or in groups are
Bacteria that are spherical and grow in pairs that cause pneumonia are
A contagious disease is also known as
Communicable disease
A parasitic submicroscopic particle that infects and resides in the cells of a biological organism is known as
Disease-causing microorganisms that are carried in the body by blood or body fluids such as hepatitis and HIV are called
Bloodborne pathogens
Microscopic plant parasites that include molds, mildews and yeasts are known as
Organisms that grow, feed and shelter on or in another organism are known as
What are the three ways of proper decontamination (in order) to prevent the spread of disease
Disinfection, sanitation, sterilization