AP Pyschology FINISHED.

potential for healthy growth
Humanisitic psychologists focus attention on the importance of people's ________.
Mary Whiton Calkins
First female president of APA
Hindsight Bias
Given 1/2 the members of the group, some findings:
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder"
stratified sample to population
Statistical reasoning can help us correctly generalize _____ to _____.
the bloodstream
The endocrine glands screte hormoes directly into ________.
Which nervous system stimulates digestion & slows the heartbeat?
polarization : depolarization
Resting potential is to action potential as _________ is to ________.
Schizophrenia is most closely linked to which neurotransmitter?
To fully appreciate the interaction of nerual activity, people should be seen as these systems
reticular formation
Which region of brain stem arouses you when someone calls your name?
continuity vs. stages
1 of the 3 major concerns of developmental psychology center around nature v. nurture and _____ vs. _____.
The Krafts established and enforced rules, and gave reasons, they are ______ parents
mental skills develop earlier and more gradually
The current research about Piaget says that mental skills develop__________ and ________.
example: lambs stay near cattle
A child's realization that other's may have beliefs different than their own illustrates that they are not entirely ______.
nocturnal emission
What is another name for a male's first ejaculation
recalling meaningless material
In recall & recognition tests for recently learned materials, older people have trouble with _______.
Menopause is associated with the reduction of ______.
50% of the time
The absolute threshold is the minimum stimulation needed to detect _______.
the cocktail party effect
Because she was listening to the news on the radio, the lady didn't hear a word her husband was saying, this is an example of ________.
subliminal stimulation
example: musical audiotapes accompanied by secret messages
the amplitude of light wavelengths determines ______.
green light is _______ in wave length than red light.
the bell in front of you
which of the following sounds would be the hardest to locate correctly?
the rubber hand illusion
the impact of vision on the sense of touch is best illustrated by _____.
sensory interaction
with her eyes closed and her hose plugged, she couldn't taste difference between onion and a pear. her experience illustrates ______.
top-down processing
people are more likely to perceive a figure/ground picture as reversible if told so. this illustrates _________.
relative height
which of the following distance cues contributes to the perception that the height of St. Louis arch is greater than width?
closer : farther
cars are typically perceived as ________ if they have bright headlights rather than dim headlighs and _________farther if they are higher than lower.
perception is innate and helps to organize sensory experiences
the philosopher Immanuel Kant emphasized that ______.
stage 4
compared to young adults, older adults spend a relatively small amounts of their sleep in ______.
feeling that one's life is meaningless
research suggests an important factor in teen drug abuse is _______.
depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens
3 main categories of psychoactive drugs
this person is associated with classical conditioning
conditioned stimulus
alexis is addicted to drugs. the room in which she does drugs will become a _________________.
the most crucial ingredient in all learning is ____________.
based on research on role of cognitive process and learning,the strength of a conditioned response depends primarily on CS/US association
after recovering from a motorcycle accident, jeanna is afraid to ride a motorcycle but not a bicycle. this is an example of ____________.
in order to teach an animal a complete sequence of behaviors, animal trainers use _______.
positive reinforcement
because mandesa would always pick up her daughter when she cried, the baby became a cry baby. in this case, picking up the baby served as _______________.
variable interval
a small town DJ announces how much money is in a jackpot and people randomly call to win. this is an example of ________.
encoding : storage
memory acquisition is to memory retention as ___________ is to ______.
less sympathy for victims
prolonged exposure to TV violence leads viewers to experience _______________.
less permanent and more limited
compared to long term memory, short term memory is _______________.
hierarchical organization
by creating outline of texts and notes, you are creating ______________.
automatic processing
encoding that occurs with no effort
damage to hippocampus
although mr. yanagita plays poker well, he can't remember learning to play. this is a result of _______________.
shortly after seeing a poster of a missing child, people tend to notice suspicious behavior involving children. this is an example of _________.
encoding failure
austin can't remember jack's name because he wasn't paying attention. this is an example of __________.
mental set
the tendency to approach a problem in a way that has been successful in the past
most people take less time to recognize a cow as a mammal than a mouse. this is because a cow best fits peoples' ________.
child hood
research suggests that humans can best master a language in _________.
smallest speech units that carry meaning
normal distribution
bell shaped curve demonstrates
mentally rotating 360 objects
on which of the following tasks are boys better than girls?
explore (?)
the arousal theory of motivation would be most useful for explaining an infants ________.
low blood glucose level
which of the following is most clearly not an incentive?
destruction of lateral results in _______.
destruction of ventral results in ________.
refractory period
time span after orgasm
parasympathetic nervous system
dominique saw 6 fire trucks, she became scared then then was CALMED DOWN because of the ________________.
facial muscles
most unambiguous nonverbal cue of emotion state is provided by ____________ .
freud suggested superego develops through __________.
freud's theory, behavior of newborn is controlled by _____.
according to freud, the most important errogenous zone during infancy is the _______.
although eduardo has repressed his homosexual desires, he is distressed by a false suspicion that men lust after him. this is an example of__________.
according to freud, thoughts too unsettling for people to acknowledge
pleasure principle is associated with the ____.
reality principle is associated with the _____.
super ego
morality principle is associated with the ____.
experience external locus of control
self-actualized people are least likely to ________.
which theorists have been criticized for underestimating the predisposition for humans to be evil?
big 5 is apart of which dimension?
have high self-esteem
by comparing themselves to the same ethnicity, minorities are very likely to _____________.
it is most helpful to use __________ approach to explain why certain psychological disorders only occur in specific cultures.
persistent and distressing
anxiety is considered a disorder if it is _________.
a compulsion
repeatedly checking to see if your stove is off is _______.
researchers have found that low levels of _________ were found in 13 year old boys who became convicts at an older age.
compared to those who suffer with no disorder, the risk of suicide is _________(higher or lower) with alcohol. compared with general population, the risk of suicide is __________(higher or lower) to those with depression.
the hallucinations experienced by those with schizophrenia involves which sense?
feelings based on our beliefs that predispose us to respond to particular things
irresponsible and unmotivated
fundamental attribution error, unemployed people are ___________.
foot in the door phenomenon
the tendency for initial compliance for a small request then big request
friendly and close, unfriendly and close
job applicants interviewed by unfriendly and friendly employers who sit at a normal distance and close distance, applicants prefer _________________.
social loafing
the tendency for people to exert less effort when they are pulling their effort toward a common goal
improves on easy tasks, hinders on hard tasks
how does the presence of observers affect the performance of a task?
law abiding citizens may vandalize and loot when part of a mob. this is an example of __________.
low serotonin and high testosterone
which of the following is true of violent male criminals?
when white university women withheld criticism of a flawed essay by a black student, this demonstrates _______.
self fulfilling prophecy
countryA increased size of military because they predicted that countryB would do the same. country B did the same after country!. the responses demonstrate_______.
social scripts provided by media
a significant danger of media violence is that impressionable viewers are more likely to enact ____________.
catharsis hypothesis
research on the effects of violent video games provides evidence that disconfirms the __________.
social exchange theory
katcha donated money to charity in order to boost her own self esteem. jennifer failed to contribute because she was afraid of running out of money. this is an example of ______.
proximity and liking
the mere exposure effect most directly contributes the positive relationship between________.
superordinate goal
the success of inter racial learning best illustrates _______.
our first impressions of those we meet are most likely to be determined by _________.
operant conditioning
ever since julio's mother began to give gold stars for keeping his bed dry, he stopped wetting the bed. this is an example of _______.
less effective than positive reinforcers
most psychologists think punishment is ________
you are able to achieve new insights through your writing
theresa, a high school teacher, is eager to promote creative writing skills, she tells her class _____________.