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Created by Pegah Kamrani 7th Period art history

The Kaaba, Mecca

Aeriel View of Haram Al-Sharif, Jerusalem

Cutaway Drawing of the Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Plan of the Palace at Mshatta, Jordan

Frieze, Detail of Facade of the Palace at Mshatta

The Great Mosque, Kairouan, Tunisia

Prayer Hall, Great Mosque, Cordoba, Spain

Dome in front of The Mihrab, Great Mosque

Page from the Qur'an

Arabic Manuscript Page

Bowl with Kufic Border

Textile with Elephants and Camels

Courtyard, Masjid-I Jami, Isfahan

The Mosiac Mihrab

Qibla Wall with Mihrab and Minbar, Sultan Hasan Madrasa-Mausoleum-Mosque Complex

Court of the Lions, ALhambra, Granada, Spain

Muqarnas Dome, Hall of the Abencerrajes, Palace of the Lions, Alhambra

The Macy Jug

Banner of Las Navas de Tolosa

Medallion Rug, Variant Star Ushak Style

Qur'an Frontispiece (Right Half of Two-Page Spread)

The Caliph Harun Al-Rashid Visits the Turkish Bath

Shirin Sees Kuhsrau's Portrait

Mosque of Sultan Selim, Edirne

Interior, Mosque of Sultan Selim

Illuminated Tugra of Sultan Suleyman

Hasan Fathy Mosque at New Gourna

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