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WEB Du Bois and Booker T Washington

disagreed over whether achieving equality was the burden of the nation or of African Americans

The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882

prohibited Chinese laborers from entering the country

which of the following did the Populist Party suggest would raise crop prices

the coinage of free silver

the Populist Party lost power in large part as a result of

the 1896 election of McKinley

Republicans argued that high tariffs would

allow american industries to grow

which of the following encouraged President Arthur to pusue civil service reform

assasination of President Garfield

what socail problem did Upton SInclair's novel the Jungel describe

the living and working conditions in Chicagos stockyards

many progressives who followed Walter Rauschenbuschs Social Gospel program believed that

Christianity should be the basis of social reform

which reform resulted from the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory

workers compensation laws

which reform did the 19th amendment enact

womens suffrage

which woman founded the National Association of Colored Women to help African American families and those who were less fortunate

Ida B Wells

which event led to the formation of the NAACP

the 1908 Springfield riot

why did roosevelt run for the presidency in 1912

Tafts political decisions angered Roosevelt

which politcal party did woodrom wilson represent in the 1912 election

the Democratic party

wilson tried to protect workers by

lowering tariffs on good imported from foreign countries

why did the United States banking system need to be reformed in the early 1900's

the nation had no central authority to supervise banks

during the 1902 coal miners strike in pennsylvania president roosevelt

threatened to send federal troops to take control of the mines

harvard graduate who criticized booker t washingtons ideas

WEB Du Bois

group of Mexican Americans whoo fought to protect land claims

Las Gorras Blancas

legislation meant to segregate balcks and whites

jim crow laws

founder of an organization that taught farmers new farming techniques

Oliver H Kelley

tool used to prevent African Americans from voting by charging them money

poll tax

politicak group that demanded free silver and government ownership of railroads

populist party

democratic presidential candidate who supported free silver

william jennings bryant

organizations that brought farmers together to form farm cooperatives

farmers alliance

republican winner of the 1896 presidential election

william mckinley

schoolteacher journalist and anti-lynching activist

Ida B Wells

socially conscious writers who dramatized the need for reform


a community center that provided social services to the urban poor

settlement house

an activist who opened the countrys first birth control clinic

margaret sanger

an organization that worked for womens suffrage


an African American leader who urged African Americans to deman immediate recognition of their rights

WEB Du Bois

an organization that used the courts to challenge laws that were unfair to African Americans


Theodore Roosevelts plan for fair government

Square Deal

a man who lead the Division of Forestry under president theodore roosevelt

gifford pinchot

president who attacked the "triple wall of privilege"

woodrow Wilson

legislation that strengthened the Sherman Antitrust Act by spelling out the specific activities in which businesses could not engage

Clayton Antitrust Act

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