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what happened within a year of United States Navy Commodore Matthew Perrys arrival in Tokyo Bay in 1853

perry negoiated a treaty that opened trade to the united states

why did United states navy commodore george dewey lead and attack on ships in the manila bay during the spanish-american war

manila bay was ruled by spain and the ships belonged to the spanish

the rough riders were

a volunteer calvary unit iin the spanish-american war

unlike britain, france, and russia the United states

wanted to keep trade in china open

an economy that is based on mining or producing raw materials to be used in foreign industries is called

an extractive economy

social darwinism is the theory that

life consists of competitivestruggles in which only the strong survive

the teller amendment stated that

the united states could not annex cuba

emilio aguinaldo was

a filipino freedom fighter

who ran mexico for decadees as a dictator

porfirio diaz

privileged access by Britian france germany and russia to chinese ports and markets

spheres of influence

governor of the phillippines who later became president of the united states

william howard taft

a Filipino nationalist who rebelled seperately against spain and the united states

emilio aguinaldo

president theodore roosevelts foreign policy

big stick diplomacy

the belief that life is a competitive struggle in which only the fittest survive

social darwinism

president woodrow wilsons foreign policy

moral diplomacy

effectively brought cuba with the US sphere

the platt amendment

aggressive form of nationalism popularized by the US press


a policy in which strong nations control weaker countries or territories


owner of the New York Journal

William Randolph Hearst

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