World Music Exam Native American

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What tribe does the robin dance?


Why do the southern utes play the flute?

to court women

What are the 2 things that comprise the Seneca robin dance?

chant and drum

What tribe does the corn grinding song?


What do you call the Native American instrument that is made with a dried gourd and seeds?


What is the wooden instrument with teeth to rub?


What culture (besides native americans) use something like a rasp?


What tribe does the bear dance?

southern ute

What instrument makes the clawing sound in the bear dance music?


How do the native americans make the bell sounds in their music?

wear the bells (often around their calves)

What do pueblo dances typically honor?

animal or bird

What tribe does the eagle dance?


What tribe does the hoop dance?

taos pueblos

What tribe does the bow and arrow dance?


What type of singing is typical of native american music? (...phonic)


Singing in harmony (more than one note) is called... (...phonic)?


Singing multiple melodies at the same time is called...(...phonic)?


Singing only one melody is called...(...phonic)?


When the leader sings and the group responds:

call and response

What tribe does the death chant?


What is unusual about the Creek death chant?


the native american instrument that looks like a piece of wood on a string:


what are the 4 major native american instruments?

bells, rattle, drum, rasp

what are 2 less common instruments for Native Americans, seen in the Seminole portion of the video in class?

clave and prayer stones

instrument consisting of 2 sticks clapped together


instrument consisting of 2 rocks clapped together

prayer stones

where do we typically see the clave?

cuba and brazil

How many tribes in continental north america?

over 300

most ameriindian music is passed on via....

oral transmission

overall, what stands out as a central theme in the construction of native american music?

simple and repetitive

the absence of harmony is called


how many sticks do the native americans usually use on their drums (per person)


2 styles of native american lyrics

vocables and actual words

vocables that we see in our music are in...

jazz (scat)

the first and/or most important music generated in the united states


purpose of vocables

express emotion

who introduced scat singing

Louis Armstrong

the beat structure is called...


when you clap to a song that is the ....


what is 1-2 beat called?


what is the standard meter in american music


what is the meter in native american music


What, in general is true in regards to performance and participation in native american music (and many other cultures)?

men perform, everyone participates

Why hasn't native american music become more complex?

oral tradition places limits; already complex in its own ways (dance especially), complexity is not important to them

Who was the conductor of the 1980 NY philharmonic in the youtube video of Pavarotti that we watched?

Zubin Mehta

What was the name of the song that Pavarotti sang in the youtube video we watched?

Nessun Dorma

What was the purpose of watching Pavarotti in the Native American portion of our class?

to illustrate how musical complexity is important to us (as opposed to native americans)

Describe the drum sticks used by the Bear Creek pow wow group on youtube

look like miniature corn dogs, oblong, cotton batting, leather on the top

What was significant about how the bear creek pow wow group played their drum?

about 10 guys beat on one drum together, each using one stick

what is another name for slide (in music)


what is another name for portamento (in music)


what is another name for stanza


what is another name for verse


what are some typical characteristics of Sioux music?

falsetto and slide

Where did the Sioux live

midwest Plains and SW

In regards to indians and pitch, who typically has high and low pitch, in relation to being northern or southern?

northern is low pitch, southern is high pitch

What are 3 characteristics of the Zuni tribe?

pueblos, SW, mainly artisans (P M S)

Native american music is often only _______, repeated over and over


what is the most standard music form?


what is the most satisfying music form?


what is another name for hook?


what is another name for chorus


where is the story in music found?

the verse

What are 3 characteristics of Iroquois and their music?

relaxed, agricultural, NE woodlands (R A N)

What are 4 characteristics of the Navajo?

weaving, intermarried w/apaches, SW desert (W I S)

the creek death chant is influenced by ________

gregorian chant

What instrument(s) do you hear in Yeibichai?


Yeibichai - vocables, words, or both?


Yeibichai - form


Yeibichai - tribe


Yeibichai - meaning

gods of their grandfathers

Yeibichai - what ceremony and what for?

Nightway ceremony; a ceremony for the sick; purification

Yeibichai - what can be noticed about the singing?

men, call and response, falsetto AND low pitch (big dips), monophonic (in unison)

What are some characteristics of the Nightway ceremony?

masks to impersonate gods, teams compete, prayer offerings (for the sick), sand paintings

what is a native american term for coda


what is another name for tail (of a song)


Grass dance - tribe


Grass dance song - form


Grass dance - vocables, words, or both


Grass dance - meter

3 beat AND 4 beat

Grass dance - what can be noticed about the singing?

leader, male repeat, women, portamento at end of female sections, falsetto

Grass dance - what instrument (s)


Gadasjot - tribe


Gadasjot - name of dance that goes w/it

quiver dance or warriors stomp dance

Gadasjot - vocables, words, or both


Gadasjot - about

how ontario is full of good looking divorced women

Gadasjot - instrument(s)


Gadasjot - purpose in culture

recreational, tells a story

Gadasjot - what can be noticed about the singing?

call and response, relaxed, portamento at the end

Shizhane'e - meaning of title

I'm in luck

Enemyway ceremony - purpose

exorcise spirits after battle or other exposure to death;

Shizhane'e - words, vocables, or both


Shizhane'e'- meter

3 beat

Shizhane'e - form


Shizhane'e - What can be noticed about the singing?

melodic, men singing

Shizhane'e - ceremony that it is used for

enemyway ceremony

Shizhane'e - name(s) of dance that goes w/it

Circle dance

Lullaby - what can be noticed about singing?

monophonic, basically 2 notes, simple

Lullaby - tribe


Lullaby - words, vocables, or both


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