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  1. decrease
  2. increase
  3. transition metal
  4. pauli exclusion principle
  5. aufbau principle
  1. a metallic elements in which the outermost s sublevel and nearby d level contain electrons
  2. b electronegativity group trend
  3. c an orbital can only hold two electrons and they must have opposite spin
  4. d electrons enter the orbitals of lowest energy first
  5. e ionization energy periodic trend

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  1. the outermost s and p levels are partially filled
  2. blocking of the pull of the nucleus for the electrons
  3. major energy levels in an atom; 7 of them
  4. proposed electrons are arranged in circular paths known as orbits around the nucleus
  5. metallic elements in which teh outermost s sublevel and nearby f sublevel generally contain electrons

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  1. schrodingerblocking of the pull of the nucleus for the electrons


  2. atomic orbitalsregions in which electrons are likely to be found


  3. decreaseatomic radius group trend


  4. increaseelectronegativity periodic trend


  5. decreaseatomic radius periodic trend