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  1. bohr
  2. increase
  3. inner transition metals
  4. noble gases
  5. aufbau principle
  1. a elements in which teh outermost s and p sublevels are completely filled
  2. b metallic elements in which teh outermost s sublevel and nearby f sublevel generally contain electrons
  3. c ionic size group trend
  4. d proposed electrons are arranged in circular paths known as orbits around the nucleus
  5. e electrons enter the orbitals of lowest energy first

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  1. electronegativity periodic trend
  2. said atoms are indivisible and combine in small, whole number ratios;all atoms of an element are identical
  3. proposed a nuclear atom where the nuclear is dense and the rest of the atom was empty space
  4. ionization energy periodic trend
  5. ionization energy group trend

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  1. transition metalmetallic elements in which the outermost s sublevel and nearby d level contain electrons


  2. thomsoncreated the plum pudding model; plums are negative particles pudding is positive; discovered the electron


  3. schrodingerblocking of the pull of the nucleus for the electrons


  4. hund's ruleelectronegativity group trend


  5. atomic orbitalsregions in which electrons are likely to be found


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