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  1. principal energy levels
  2. schrodinger
  3. pauli exclusion principle
  4. inner transition metals
  5. increase
  1. a used quantum theory to write and solve mathematical equation describing the location and energy of an election in an hydrogen atom
  2. b metallic elements in which teh outermost s sublevel and nearby f sublevel generally contain electrons
  3. c major energy levels in an atom; 7 of them
  4. d ionic size group trend
  5. e an orbital can only hold two electrons and they must have opposite spin

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  1. ionization energy periodic trend
  2. electronegativity group trend
  3. the outermost s and p levels are partially filled
  4. electrons enter the orbitals of lowest energy first
  5. atomic radius periodic trend

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  1. Rutherfordproposed a nuclear atom where the nuclear is dense and the rest of the atom was empty space


  2. bohrproposed electrons are arranged in circular paths known as orbits around the nucleus


  3. daltonsaid atoms are indivisible and combine in small, whole number ratios;all atoms of an element are identical


  4. shieldingblocking of the pull of the nucleus for the electrons


  5. noble gaseselectronegativity periodic trend