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helpsmaintain the shape of a chromosome
and aid in the tight packing of DNA

nonhistone protiens

controlsthe activity of specific regions of DNA.


chromatid is one-half of a chromosome


is the area of a chromatid that holds
the two chromatids in a chromosome together

sex chromosone

is a chromosome that determines
the sex of an organism


is any other chromosome

diploid cell

has both chromosomes in each
homologous pair

haploid cell

has only one
chromosome in each homologous pair.


it is a phase of mitosis,
and the other three are phases of interphase


it is a phase of the cell
cycle, and the other three are phases of mitosis.

binary fission

it pertains to
prokaryotes, and the other three pertain to

spindle fibers

it pertains to
nuclear division, and the other three pertain to
cytoplasmic division.


vesicles are organelles,
some of which participate in cytoplasmic division,
and the other three are involved in nuclear division.


Oogenesis is the production of mature egg cells,
or ova.


A tetrad is a pair of homologous chromosomes lined
up next to each other during prophase I of meiosis.

independent assortment

Independent assortment is the random separation
of homologous chromosomes during anaphase I

polar bodies

Polar bodies are haploid offspring cells produced
by meiosis during oogenesis


A purine is a nitrogenous base with two rings of
carbon and nitrogen atoms. Examples may include
adenine or guanine.


A pyrimidine is a nitrogenous base with one ring
of carbon and nitrogen atoms. Examples may
include cytosine or thymine.

complementary base-pair

A complementary base-pair is a pair of nitrogenous
bases connected to each other by hydrogen
bonds. Examples may include adenine-thymine
and cytosine-guanine.

nitrogenous base

A nitrogenous base is a base in DNA containing
nitrogen and carbon.

replication fork

A replication fork is a Y-shaped region that results
when the two strands of DNA separate during


A helicase is an enzyme that separates the strands
of DNA during replication.

Semi-conservative replication

Semi-conservative replication produces a new
DNA molecule with one original strand and one
new strand.


is a sequence of three mRNA nucleotides
that codes for a specific amino acid or a start or
stop signal.


Translation is the process of assembling polypeptides


anticodon is a sequence of three tRNA
nucleotides that pairs with a specific codon.

F1 generation

The F1 generation consists of the offspring of a
cross between two parents

F2 generation

F2 generation consists
of the offspring of a cross between two individuals
in the same F1 generation.


dominant factor is one that masks the effect of
another factor for the same characteristic


a recessive
factor is one whose effect is masked by another
factor for the same characteristic.


Self-pollination occurs between flowers on the same


cross-pollination occurs between flowers on
different plants

complete dominance

kind of dominance where in the dominant allele completley makes the effect of the recessive allele in heterozygos condition

incomplete dominance

is a form of intermediate inheritance in which one allele for a specific trait is not completley dominate over the other allele


refers to a relationship between two alleles of a gene

germ-cell mutation

A germ-cell mutation occurs in one of an organism's

somatic-cell mutation

somatic-cell mutation occurs in one of
the other cells in an organism's body.

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