Chapter 3 - Culture

51 terms by mleising

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What is Culture? (df)

values, beliefs, behaviour & material objects that constitute a people's way of life

edward t. hall



how close people can be to you


people use markers to demarkate their turf

intimate distance

0 - 1 feet

four proxemic categories

intimate, personal, social, public

personal distance

1 - 4 feet

social distance

4 - 12 feet

public distance

12+ feet


differences between canadian and american values

canadians compared to americans (4)

trust gov't, respect for authority, less individualistic, less likely to volunteer

americans compared to canadians (4)

distruct of gov't, less respect for authority, individualistic, more likely to volunteer

Lipset: why are americans different from canadians? (2)

revolution, religion (protestant vs. catholic)

criticism of lipset

is difference only between quebec & deep south?

five components of culture

symbols, language, values, beliefs, norms


abstract idea as standard of behavior


specific statement held to be true

prescriptive norms

what one should do

proscriptive norms

what one shouldn't do


informal custom; etiquette


extremely strongly hold norm


strong mores




all cultures have categories, but specifics vary; sport/basketball vs. sport/gladiator dueling

two basis for cultural diversity

natural basis, social basis

natural basis for cultural diversity

japan is isolated --> homogeneity

social basis for cultural diversity

multiculturalism in canada

cultural materialism

cultural beliefs are a rational adaptation to material conditions; india and cow love

conflict theory on mother teresa

she doesn't challenge status quo in west

s.i. on culture

culture is the some of interactions, so people create culture


see world from female perspective

barbie discussion

s.f. says barbie defines roles and middle class and consumerism, c.f. agrees but says that's bad, s.i. is focused on how girls play with barbie dolls


abstract standard of goodness

culture (txt df)

knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities aquired by man as a member of society

three characteristics of cultural elements

shared by whole social group, older pass down, shapes behaviour


what happens when you break a norm


cluster of behavioral expectations



mead on gender roles

studied three cultures with different gender roles


mcdonaldsization of society


mcdonalds is adapted to chinese culture

cultural universals

lack of matriarchy maybe universal? incest was in egypt

cultural integration

all parts of culture are interrelated; e.g. axes with steel heads


ignore cultural perspective


european perspective assumed universal


male bias

Malinowski & magic

magic reduces anxiety of ocean fishing


sexual restrictions keep males under control


by naming homosexuality, you can control it and hospitalize it


sum of cultural elements


possess additional distinct cultural elements

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