Hon Geometry Chapter 12

Slant Height
the height of each lateral face of a regular pyramid
has a circular base and a vertex
a set of points in space that are a given distance from a given point
Perspective View
the view of a solid figure from the corner view is called a corner view
Platonic Solids
the five types of regular polyhedra
a polyhedron with two parallel congruent faces called bases
a polyhedron that has all but one face intersecting at one point
Surface Area
the sum of the areas of all the faces of the solid
Right Cylinder
if the axis of a cylinder is also the altitude, then the cylinder its a
a sphere is separated by a great circle into two congruent halves
Lateral Area
the sum of the areas of the lateral faces
Right Prism
the axis is also the altitude
Great Circle
the circle that divides a sphere into two hemispheres