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Joel Chandler Harris

Wrote stories about Brer Rabbit

Gone with the wind

Set during civil war and reconstruction about Scarlett o'hara

Lewis Grizzard

Sports writer for Atlanta journal, later wrote humorous columns and published books


What author writes about


How an author writes

Judith Ortiz o'connor

Originally lived in Puerto Rico, immigrated to US, wrote coming of age stories and challenges of puerto rican immigrants

Pulitzer prize

Common prize earned by noted Georgian authors


Type or category of writing author produces

Toni Morrison

First African American female to win Pulitzer prize

Sidney Lanier

Lake Lanier named after him:

Harlem Renaissance

Term for literary and cultural movement in black Harlem neighborhood of new York city

Celestine Sibley

Journalist published over 10,000 articles over 55 year period

Conrad Aiken

After tragedy mother/father suicide poet wrote poems to understand human psych

Southern Gothic

Style of writing that sterotypes people and culture of southern region

David bottoms

Current poet laureate of Georgia

Martin Luther king

Won Nobel peace prize for civil rights movement

The color purple

Written by Alice walker turned into a movie directed by Steven spielburg

Pat conroy

Used abusive childhood and military experience for ideas for his novels

Flattery o'connor

Used southern gothic style of writing

Mama makes up her mind

Bailey white wrote short story about capture of alligator

Uncle remus

Joel Chandler Harris used African folk traditions in these stories

Georgia writer's hall of fame

Public awards program and exhibit honoring Georgia's writers

Bailey white

Known for portrayal of eccentric characters. Became famous when read on national public radio

Atlanta journal constitution

Employed many of ga's authors including Celestine Sibley, Joel Chandler Harris, and Lewis grizzard

I have a dream

Martin Luther king

An hour with abuelo

Judith Ortiz cofer

If I ever get back to ga, I'm gonna nail my fet to the ground

Lewis grizzard

The color purple

Alice walker

Gone with the wind

Margaret mitchell

The lords of discipline and the great santini

Pat conroy

The desk and snake on the etowah

David bottoms

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