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  1. Chlamydia
  2. All illegal drugs have these three things in common:
  3. Ecstasy
  4. Drug combination therapy
  5. Carbon monoxide
  1. a Illegal drugs can have permanent effects on the brain and the body.
    You can become addicted.
    You can catch infectious diseases from needles.
  2. b a swallowed or snorted drug that increases awareness of senses, causes mild hallucinations, increased energy, and loss of judgment.
  3. c a toxic gas that keeps oxygen from getting into the bloodstream.
  4. d - AIDS treatment program in which patients take more than one drug.
  5. e pain during urination. both partners need antibiotics

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  1. Smoking marijuana over a long period has many of the same negative health effects as smoking tobacco. Marijuana use is also dangerous when driving. The loss of attention and coordination can make driving high as dangerous as driving drunk.
  2. is the virus that primarily affects cells of the immune system and that causes AIDS
  3. is the dried flowers and leaves from the plant.
  4. itching in genital area, discharge from vagina, painful urination.
  5. is a long-term, progressive disease of the lung that primarily causes shortness of breath.

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  1. Addictiveis the addictive drug found in all tobacco products.


  2. Helper T-cellsthe white blood cells that activate the immune response and that are the primary target cells of HIV infection


  3. PCP-injected, snorted, or smoked drug. It causes confusion, distortion of reality, and numbness.


  4. Human papilloma virusis the virus that primarily affects cells of the immune system and that causes AIDS


  5. CiliaA microscopic hair like process extending from the surface of a cell


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