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  1. Mainstream smoke
  2. Club drugs
  3. herbal cigaretes
  4. Rohypnol
  5. alcohol
  1. a also called designer drugs, are drugs designed to resemble other illegal drugs in chemical structure and effect.
  2. b tobacco free cigaretes or nicotine-free cigarettes.
  3. c a type of depressant that can be swallowed. It causes euphoria, reduced anxiety, loss of inhibitions, and drowsiness.
  4. d the drug found in beer, wine,and liquor that caused intoxication
  5. e is the smoke that is inhaled through a tobacco product and exhaled by the user.

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  1. is the smoke that escapes from the tip of a lit cigarette, cigar, or pipe. This can be as much as half of the total smoke.
  2. - AIDS treatment program in which patients take more than one drug.
  3. the occurrence of more cases of a disease than expected
  4. A desire to experiment
    a desire to escape boredom or depression
    enjoyment of risk-taking behavior
    a belief that drugs solve personal, social, or medical problems
    peer pressure
    glamorization of drugs by the media
  5. are a group of highly addictive drugs derived from the poppy plant that are used as pain relievers, anesthetics, and sedatives

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  1. risk factors of alcoholismproblem drinking, tolerance, dependence, alcoholism


  2. Methamphetamineyellowing of skin, tiredness and muscle aches, fever, loss of apetite. No cure, vaccine available for hepatitis B not C.


  3. short term effects of alcoholdepresses CNS, lowers inhibitions, reduces judgement, decreases fine motor skills, slows reaction time, dulls senses, alters balance, body temperature drops, breathing & heart rate slows


  4. Genital herpesHuman papilloma virus, Genital herpes, Hepatitis, and HIV


  5. Hashisha swallowed or snorted drug that increases awareness of senses, causes mild hallucinations, increased energy, and loss of judgment.