us history 21 & 22


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which group experienced an early depression in the 1920's
during the 1920 the united states economy moved through which pahse of the business cycle
in 1929 the stock market carshed because
investors lost confidence in the market and rushed to sell their shares
what even occured on black tuesday
investors sold more than 16 million shares of stock
european countries reacted to the Hawley-Smoot Tariff by
passing high protective tariffs
president hoover urged congress to institue the RFC because he believed that the economy suffered from
a lack of credit
why were banks of one of the first institutions to feel the effects of the stock market crash
people began to lose confidence in the economy and frightened depositors beagan to remove their money from banks
what was the destination of most Dust Bowl migrants
cities to find work
both african americans and mexican americans had an espciaally difficult time during the great depression because
faced discrimination when competing with white americans for limited number of jobs
why did the bonus army march on washington dc
president hoover veoted a bill providing for early payment of bonuses
WWI veterns who marched to demand payment of money promised by congress
Bonus army
risky stock purchases made by investors with the hope of high returns
president when the stock market crashed
herbert hoover
agriculture workers who work on land owned by someone else
tenant farmers
the theory that money invested in banks and businesses will work its way through the system to laborers
trickle down economies
the occasion of the stock market crash
black tuesday
what did roosevelt and congress pass the day after FDR's inaugration
emergency banking bill
roosevelt created the securities exchange commission to
regulate the stock market
what were the goals of the new deal
provide relief recovery and reform
the agriculture adjustment act helped farmers because
sought to end overproduction and raise crop prices
what did president roosevelt introduce to help retirees
social security act
the rural electrification adminstration provided electricuty to
the right to collective bargaining was part of the
wagner act
member of this participated in a sit-down strike until general motors agreed to recognize them
what caused republicans to gain power in congress in 1938
the economy took a downturn and wiped out much of FDR's progress
which opponet of the new deal believed that the program did not do enough to help poor americans and what program did he propose
senator huey long proposed a high tax program on the wealthy and large corporations and the redistrubution of their incoe to give to poor americans
what was the chief complaint of conservatives against the new deal
made the government too powerful
FDR set aside 12 million acres of land for
national parks
how many terms did roosevelt serve as president
who was the first female cabinet member
frances perkins
how did the indian new deal reverse the conditions that resulted from the dawes act
john coollier heelped get laws passed that restored tribal control over american indian land
one way that americans escpaed their concerns during the 1930s was to
go to movie theaters
the radio drama was so realtistic that some people thought aliens were invading earth
war of the worlds
the federal art project set a precednt for
federal funding of the arts and artistics
the new deal coalition was a strong politcal force that
gave democrats a majority in both houses of congress for many years
lousiana senator who opposed the new deal
huey long
putting money in consumers' hands to stimulate the economy
pump priming
member of the black cabinet
mary mcleod bethune
formed when the government assumes responsiblity for providing for citizens needs
welfare state
protest used against general motors
sit-down strike
name for fdr's attempt to change the supreme court
court packing
new deal program that funded large murals
federal act project
new deal program created to build and improve highways
works progress administration
writer of the grapes of wrath
john steinbeck
allowed union members to negotiate about hours and wages
collective bargaining