Level H Unit 10

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imperceptible(adj.) extremely slight; incapable of being perceived by the senses or the mind syn- minimal, undetectable ant- conspicuous, noticeable, flagrantlackey(n.) a uniformed male servant; a servile follower syn- toady, flunky, hanger-on ant- lord, liege, bossliaison(n.) the contact or means of communication between groups; someone acting as such a contact; any close relationship; a thickening or binding agent used in cooking syn- intermediary, channelmonolithic(adj.) characterized by massiveness, solidness, and total uniformity syn- undifferentiated, massive, dense ant- diversified, variform, multifariousmot juste(n.) the most suitable or exact word or expression ant- misnomer, misusage, malapropismnihilism(n.) a total rejection of existing laws; extreme radicalism ant- conservatismpatrician(n.) a member of the ruling class; a person of high rank; (adj.) belonging to, befitting, or characterized of such a person syn- aristocrat, peer, highborn ant- commoner, plebeianpropitiate(v.) to make someone or something favorably inclined toward oneself; to conciliate, satisfy, or appease syn- mollify ant- alienate, provoke, annoysic(adv.) thus so; intentionally written sosublimate(v.) to redirect the energy of a biological or instinctive impulse into a higher or more acceptable channel syn- elevate