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history chapter 15

what ideas did the free- soil party promote?
getting rid of slave labor so that white men had more jobs
what are some possible results of the growing sectional debate over slavery
slavery will stop growing only if people treat others fairly and everyone could be educated and treat others with respect and if more people could get jobs
major points of compromise of 1850
California would enter the union as a free state, the rest of the mexican cessions would be federal land. Texas would give up land east of the upper Rio grande and the government would pay Texas debts from when it was a independent republic. Slaver start but not slavery would not continue in nations capital and a more real brief slave law would be passed.
What were the effects of the Fugitive Slave act?
Was to help the runaway slaves and let the officials the ability to arrest those slaves in free areas. If you hid or helped a runaway slave you would have to face serious punishments.
why did some americans believe the fugitive slave act was unfair
because it made northerners mad because they were uncomfortable with the commissioners power. The Northerners did not like the fact that you go high reward if you turned in a slave
do u think literature was an effective tool against slavery
Yes, it allowed people to think what they wanted to think. It also lets people read what others say about slavery.
what issues influenced the outcome of the election of 1852
the whigs. They wanted different nominees. They nominated different people some that southerners likes.
Why did northern and southern democrats support Franklin Pierce?
Southerners- liked that he honor the compromise of 1850 and the fugitive slavery act. Northerners- didnt support cause none of their nominees got elected.
what did the Kansas- Nebraska act do
let people in the Kansas or nebraska to decide for themselves whether or not to allow slavery within their borders.
Anti slavery and pro slavery made people move to kansas
Everyone could vote on what they wanted to.
Pottawatomie Massacre
was when John brown and a few of his sons moved to Kansas from england in 1855. One night brown and his people killed 5 proslavery men on the pottawatomie creek.
Charles Sumner views created trouble
he insulted pro slavery.
PReston brooks punishment
Was fair because it was very rude and immature to go up to someone that you do not know well an beat them with a cane.
kansas nebraska act and parties
whigs and democrats joined the american party
how did the Dred Scott decision affect the Missouri compromise and the expansion of slavery.
Because the Missouri compromise said that the number of slave and free states had to be equal. It affected the expansion of slavery because Scott said he should be free because his owner died.
Lincoln became the leader because
he treated everyone kindly no matter what color skin they had
how might Abraham Lincoln's victory lead to future problems
slavery because he said that he claimed not to change slavery in the south but that slavery cannot expand.