11th History : Chapter 22 Activities

Based solely on the image, what can be inferred about manufacturing in 1900?
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What did a vertical integration like the Carnegie Steel Corporation accomplish?It established monopolistic control of every phase of business, from raw material to final consumer.How did J. P. Morgan eliminate his banking competition?By establishing interlocking directoratesTo justify their economic domination of their industries, large trusts like Standard Oil and those of Swift and Armour claimed what?Large-scale methods of production and distribution could provide superior products at low prices.What was the basic belief of the Social Darwinists?Survival of the fittest.All of the following are true of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act except:It was very effective.Who did southern textile mills generally employ?Poor whites recently off the farmsWhat was one of the most difficult adjustments many formerly rural workers had to make to the industrial system?The strict discipline and regimentation of timeWhich group was most dramatically altered by the new industrial age?WomenIn its efforts on behalf of workers, the National Labor Union won which of the following?An eight-hour day for government workersWho is associated with the Haymarket Square riot?The Knights of LaborIn contrast to the Knights of Labor, what did the American Federation of Labor advocate for?Concentrating on improving wages and hours and avoiding general social reformCarnegie primarily attributes the accumulation of great wealth to which of the following characteristics?Business acumenWhat paragraph best supports your answer?Paragraph 6Based on the excerpt, mark whether Andrew Carnegie would agree or disagree with each statement in the table.Charity can sometimes do more harm than good. = Agree Wealth results from the survival of the fittest. = Agree It is the responsibility of government to help those less fortunate. = DisagreeThis 1890 law flatly forbade combining many corporations or businesses in restraint of trade.What is the Sherman Anti-Trust Act?This industry gradually moved from the North to the South, where it came to dominate communities in the chronically depressed Piedmont region of southern Appalachia.What is cotton textiles?Andrew Carnegie pioneered this technique of combining all the phases of manufacturing into a single organization.What is vertical integration?Long before automobiles, this was the major product of the infant oil industry.What is kerosene?This "Wizard of Menlo Park's" lightbulb revolutionized the way people lived.Who is Thomas Alva Edison?Which of the following railroad companies received land grants from the federal government?Northern Pacific Railroad and Central Pacific RailroadStates in which of the following time zones were not compelled by the federal government to cede land to railroad companies?Eastern TimeThere had been several proposals for a transcontinental railroad prior to the 1860s. The deadlock over the proposals was broken with the outbreak of the Civil War. Congress commissioned the Union Pacific Railroad to build tracks westward from Omaha, Nebraska, while the ____________ Railroad...Central Pacific...pushed eastward from the city of __________.SacramentoIn addition to the Chinese laborers, large numbers of immigrants from ____________ worked on the railroad. In 1869, Leland Stanford, a financial backer and the ex-governor of California, hammered in the golden spike where the two tracks met at Promontory Point, Utah.IrelandWhich of the following was the most important factor promoting the construction of railroads after the Civil War?Government subsidies in the form of loans and land grants