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Hawkey Spring Exam 2011

Final exam at Desmet Jesuit.

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What are some examples that show God respects the Human Factor of Scripture?
Cutural-Social Background and Community Inspiration
When was the Gospel of Mark written?
65-70 AD
What is a kind of writing freely chosen by an author for a particular purpose?
Literary Form
What is the how of Scripture?
What is the why of Scripture?
What is a truth we learn from the book of Genesis?
Humanity is the highpoint of creation
What is an example of a Literary Form?
Stories of Hemmingway
When was Jesus born?
4-5 BC
What name does Jesus derive from?
A Personal term for father that Jesus uses...
Who wrote the first documents of the Catholic Church?
What is the difference between the 2 Beatitude stories?
Matthew showed Jesus as the "New Moses"
What is the Audience of the Gospel of Mark?
What are the two types of Messiah given in the Old Testament?
Political & Justice
What is the Main Perspective of Mark?
Personality study of Jesus
When was the Gospel of Mark written?
65-70 ce
What is the Purpose of the Gospel of Mark?
Disciples might suffer
Who is the author of Mark?
Mark, Disciple of Peter
means "rock"
Audience of Matthew's Gospel
Number of parts of Matthew's Gospel
means "All Praise Yahweh"
Jesus tests this person's faith (primary name used)
another name for Peter
Number that means the Law
Who is the author of John
The Apostle and Jew, John
2 main parts of John's Gospel
Books of Signs and Books of Glory
Personal story of Christ that symbolizes his Resurrection (John)
The Raising of Lazarus
Story that symbolizes Light over Darkness (John)
Curing of the Blind Man
This man was sent to "give witness to the Light"
Story that teaches about Baptism and the Eucharist (John)
The Crucifixion
Hebrew name for "Paul"
Where was Saul going when he was knocked off his horse, blinded, and God spoke to him?
Story that explains what the Catholic Church is (Paul's letters)
"One body, Many parts" or 1 Corinthians 12
What is the Perspective of Paul's letters?
The Cross is needed in order to preach about the Ressurection
Island Paul was shipwrecked on while heading to Rome for his trial
Love between a man and a woman
Chapter of Corinthians that describes what Love is
Chapter 13
1st part of any letter written by Paul
Greeting/Opening Address
Goddess who the people of Corinth were praying to
Unconditional Love
Author of Revelation
This Old Testament book is what Revelation is modeled after
This Caesar persecuted Christians, which caused Revelation to be written about him
Symbol of Jesus in Revelation
How is Caesar Nero described in Revelation?
666/ The Beast
Means Perfection
Means Imperfection
Means Nation/Community (Jews or Christians)
Means multiple or infinite
Means an infinite number will be saved by God
Who is Stephen?
The 1st martyr of the Church
This Roman procurator put Paul under House arrest
Who is Barnabas?
He recruited Paul to open the Church of Antioch
This Gentile Gospel writer learned many of his stories from Paul
Who is Ananias?
The man who cured and baptized Saul
What is the purpose of John?
Strengthen faith and win converts
What are the 6 differences between John and the Synoptic Gospels?
Knowing Jesus from the beginning, Divinity to Humanity, Incarnation, Eternal Life, Love, and the use of Allegories
How many times is the word "Love" used in John?
Who wrote Acts of the Apostles?
Who is Theophilus?
The man whom the Gospel fo Luke/Acts was written to
What are the 5 parts of Acts of the Apostles?
1. Appears, Ascension, Pentecost
2. Mission in Jerusalem
3. Mision in Judea and Samaria
4. Start of the Gentile Mission
5. Missionary Journeys of Paul
What did his revelation teach Saul?
It opened his mind to the Word of God, and accepted the Resurrection.
What is the outline for 1 Corinthians?
Unity, Sexual Immorality, Explanation of the people in Corinth, Don't be dominated, Idols, Revelations, and Tradition
Who is Matthias?
The man who replaced Judas Iscariot as an Apostle.
This Roman centurion who was the first Gentile to convert to Christianity.
Who was Gamaliel?
The noted Rabbi whom Saul studied under.
What was the first miracle by an Apostle, and who performed it?
The Curing of a Crippled beggar by Peter and John
What was the Church originally known as before the term "Christian" was used?
"The Way"
What was the Council of Jerusalem? Explain the 4 parts of the Compromise.
The First Church council; 4 parts of the compromise: No circumcision, No unlawful marriage, no blood or strangled meat, no worship of Idols.
What is Philea?
Brotherly Love
Name the Pauline letters.
1 and 2 Corinthians, 1 Thessalonians, Galatians, Philippians, Philemon, Romans
What does 1 Corinthians say about Love?
Love is the bond & Happiness with God in Heaven
Name the Deuteropauline letters.
2 Thessalonians, Ephesians, Colossians, 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus
Explain the outline of the Pauline letters.
Opening Address, Thanksgiving, Body, Final Salutations