Durning spring history final (incomplete)

What interests was Russia protecting in the build-up to WWI? (2 things)
protect serbs, weaken austria-hungary
Why did Reza Shah Pahlavi (daddy) end up abdicating his throne?
sided with Axis in WWII
Did Reza Shah Pahlavi (daddy) favor a traditional Eastern government or European ideas?
Reza Shah Pahlavi (daddy)'s policies were in favor of ________ization.
How did Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (MRSP) come to power? Which powers helped him?
coup, British and CIA
What type of Muslims are Iranians?
Why did Mohammad Mossadegh nationalize the AIOC when he was prime minister?
Didn't want foreign powers in the country
Why was Mossadegh imprisoned? (2)
wanting to get rid of foreign influence, do away with shah
Why did Britain want to fight the nationalization so much?
What year was the Iranian Revolution? Who led it?
1979, Ayatollah Khomeini
What was SAVAK?
shah's secret police
Why did many Iranians not like the US?
Had been taken advantage of the most by USA
Why did the United States support an attempt to overthrow Mossadegh?
worried the Commies would get oil
Why did the shah decide to support the U.S./British side in this dispute? (2)
wanted to retain power, owed the US/Brits for putting him in power
Name three powers the Supreme Islamic Jurist had.
final say on foreign policy, leader of army, highest leader in political structure
What was the "White Man's Burden" and why was it a burden?
need to colonialize brown people, burden b/c they felt it was necessary