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Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese

What major world event occurred on December 7, 1941?

Axis power

Japan, Italy

Allied power

Russia, Great Britain


Turkey, Spain

Dwight D. Eisenhower

-commander of United States troops in Europe during World War II
-landed troops in North Africa

Adolf Hitler

dictator of Germany

James H. Doolittle

leader of Tokyo bombing

Harry S. Truman

-president who decided to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima
-president of the United States during the Korean War

Douglas MacArthur

-led military in the Pacific
-commander of United States ground forces in Korea

Conflict over communism eventually led to the invasion of South Korea

How did Cold War issues contribute to the Korean War

United States

During the Korean War, who sided with South Korea?


The signing of a peace treaty by North Vietnam, the Vietcong, South Vietnam, and the United States occurred in _____________on January 17, 1973.


How many United States troops were in Vietnam in 1964?

two years and ten months

How long had President Kennedy been in office when he was assassinated on November 22, 1963?

Alliance For Progress

-Which of Kennedy's programs was intended to provide funds for social programs and to help in promoting democratic institutions?
-Kennedy's program that signaled a shift in attitude of the United States toward Latin America was called the:


President Johnson's program to create new jobs and to appropriate money to faltering economic areas was called War on ________________


President Johnson's health insurance plan for the elderly became known as _________________.

Vietnam War

Trying to end the __________, some people believe President Johnson sacrificed his political career for the cause of peace


Ford's administration was plagued by what problem?


An unpopular move by Ford was the pardoning of what president?


President Carter pardoned all men that had run away from the ________________ during the Vietnam War.


Carter negotiated peace between Egypt and what other country?


The Persian Gulf War was against ______________.


Congress during Clinton's administration was controlled by the ______________.

Orchestrating the War in Iraq?

What was the most significant event of George W. Bush's presidency?

Germany's sinking of American supply ships

The event that led to United States involvement in World War I was:

a New Frontier

Kennedy won the presidency on the basis of his program for:

holding negotiations at the White House

Lyndon Johnson helped settle a potential railroad strike by:

New Federalism

Richard Nixon's plan for dismantling the Great Society programs was called:

all public school districts must end segregation

During Richard Nixon's administration, the Supreme Court made two desegregation rulings. One of them stated that:

the Environmental Protection Agency

Because of the concerns of the public about pollution, Richard Nixon established:

Richard Nixon


Gerald Ford

pardoned Richard Nixon

John F. Kennedy

New Frontier

James E. Carter

-defeated Gerald Ford in 1976
-the hostages were held by Iran during the presidency of __________
-peanut farmer

Robert McNamara

Defense Department under President Kennedy

Syngman Rhee

head of the South Korean government

Lyndon Johnson

Great Society

Sir Walter Raleigh

organized the Roanoke Island Colony

Franklin Roosevelt

New Deal

James Monroe

said that countries should stay out of the affairs of other countries

the war was to be turned back over to the South Vietnamese

What did President Nixon's policy of Vietnamization mean for the United States?

He resigned from office

What happened to President Nixon after the Watergate scandal?


forgive desertion

cruise missile

referred to B-1 bomber

Menachem Begin

treaty with Egypt

Anwar Sadat

president of Egypt


head of CIA

$400 billion

Savings and Loan bailout

budget debate

government shutdown, 1995

first shuttle



control of pollution


divisive issue


free trade

President Ford

gave amnesty to draft dodgers and army deserters


Los Angeles and San Francisco


invaded Kuwait

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