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latin america

what region of brazil are peasant families being forced to move to?
amazon basin
what are latifundios?
large estates of land owned by either wealthy families or corporations
give two reasons why the amazon rainforests destruction is absurd?
1. disastrous for animals and their habitat, killing off biodiversity
2. disastrous for natives in brazil's interior, their culture and ways of life
who was the dictator president of chile
general pinochet- he took power through a military takeover with financial support of the CIA this led to the overthrow to the only elected communist salvador allende
what south american nation fronts on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea?
What helps Venezuela in it's drive to industrialize?
oil refining
What are the primary languages of: Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Belize, Brazil, Haiti, jamaica
english, dutch, french, english, portugese, french, english
what are the 2 landlocked countries of south america?
bolivia, paraguay
what is the only south american nation outside the tropics?
name the 2 indian speaking groups that make up over 50% of bolivia's population:
aymara, quechua
what remains extremly dry in northern chile?
atacama desert
what is the only south american nation today that remains under foreign control?
french guiana
what is a mestizo?
individual of spanish and indian descent
what 2 european descents make up the majority of argentina and uruguay's population?
spanish and italian
what are guachos?
mexican cowboys
what south american country would you find vaqueros in?
what is the most common religion in latin america?
roman catholic
what nation has won the most world cups in soccer history?
what was the only central american nation to qualify for the world cup of soccer in 2010? only caribbean island to qualify for 2006 world cup was?
honduras... trinidad & tobago
what 3 ancient civilizations flourished in latin america centuries ago?
aztecs, incas, mayans
latin america stretches from the_____-_________border to the souther tip of _________.
US american border, southern tip of chile
geographers divide latin america into what 3 regions?
middle america, the caribbean, and south america
what country owns the rights to the galapagos islands?
what are the tallest waterfalls in the world?
angel falls in venequala
what mountains exist in mexico?
sierra madre
what countries do the anes mountains run through?
venezuela, colombia, ecuador, peru, bolivia, chile, argentina
what are the names of the 3 highlands we learned about in this unit?
mexican plateau, mato grosso plateau, brazilian highlands
what country are the patagonia and pampas regions located in? describe each
-patagonia- hills and lower flatlands
-pampas- vast grasslands
what does the physical geography of the latin american region hamper the development of?
transportation and communication lines
what forms the area known as the amazon basin?
amazon river and its 1000 tributaries give or take
what is south america's largest lake? what country is it located in?
lake titicaca in the andes of bolivia and peru
what 2 countries is lake titicaca located in?
bolivia and peru
define estuary
an area where the tide meets a river current
what two rivers merge together to form the rio de la plata?
paraguay river and the uruguay rivers
list the two countries that have rain forests.
brazil and argentina
list the 4 variety of races that exist in latin america?
african, european, asian, native american
what local dialect is found in central america, what is the mayan ancestry?
what native dialect is spoken in paraguay? bolivia? bolivia,peru,ecuador?
paraguay= tupi-guarani
bolivia,peru,ecuador= quechua
list 8 latin american cities that are ranked in the top 20 of the world's largest urban areas.
mexico city, mexico
sao paulo
rio de janiero
beuno aires
list 5 examples of why families face major challenges in urban areas
1. jobs scarce
2. housing scarce
3. schools overwhelmed
4. health care centers overwhelmed
5. education
who is cuba's leader? what form of government exists in cuba?
fidel castro, communism
what is the chief export of guatemala, nicaragua, el salvador, and costa rica?
coffee (beans)
list 4 countries of latin america who were once under military control
brazil, argentina, mexico, chile
list 3 ancestral religions that are still practiced in latin america:
condomble (brazil), santeria (cuba), voodoo (haiti)
what celebration is held in brazil before the observance of lent begins for catholics?
what is te name of the popular music brazilians hold close to their hearth?
what sport is the most popular in: dominican republic, peurto rico, argentina, the west indies, cuba
dominican republic - baseball
puerto rico - baseball
argentina- soccer
the west indies- cricket
cuba- baseball
what is the spanish word for communal farm?