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  1. prime rate
  2. representative money
  3. default
  4. commodity money
  5. money supply
  1. a money system i/w an item can be exchanged for something else that is valued
  2. b failure to make payment on a loan
  3. c interest rate for loans that banks charge to their most reliable customer
  4. d money system based on an item that has a value to society
  5. e total amount of money circulatory at any given time in a nations economy

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  1. money not backed by gold silver or other item of value, but has worth due to government requirement to be a medium of exchange
  2. financial institution that lends money and i/w depositors maintain saving ans checking accounts
  3. paper money and coins that are in circulation
  4. interest rate changed by federal reserve for loans to member bank
  5. anything a seller will accept as a payment for a good or service

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  1. debit cardinterest rate for loans that banks charge to their most reliable customer


  2. monetary policygovernment plan for regulation a nations economy supply and the availability of credit in order to accomplish certain economic goal


  3. near moneyan asset that can easily be converted into cash when needed


  4. mutual savings banka bank owned by depositors who shares in its profit


  5. moral suasiona lifting or lessening of government control or restriction on a company industry or profession