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  1. Darwin theory
  2. ecological species concept
  3. habitat isolation
  4. prezygotic
  5. Darwin conclusion
  1. a A definition of species in terms of ecological niche, the sum of how members of the species interact with the nonliving and living parts of their environment.
  2. b populations over time would reflect adaptation of those individuals that survived and reproduced. the power of the environment would influence who survived and who reproduced
  3. c isolating mechanism that prevents two species from producing a fertilized egg
  4. d decent with modification and change over time
  5. e populations live in different habitats and do not meet

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  1. dinosaurs to birds
  2. same species living in the same area in the same time
  3. second phase of mitosis, during which the chromosomes line up across the center of the cell, spindle fibers move chromosomes to the equator
  4. fourth and final phase of mitosis, during which the chromosomes begin to disperse into a tangle of dense material, chromosomes uncoil
  5. structural features, characterizes a species by its body shape, size, and other structural features

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  1. what material accounted for the traits, how were the traits packaged, why some traits skipped generations, he experiments with pea plantswhat Mendel didn't know


  2. genetic make upgenotype


  3. red green color blindnessA class of common sex-linked human disorders involving several genes on the X chromosome; characterized by a malfunction of light-sensitive cells in the eyes; affects mostly males but also homozygous females


  4. heterozygousisolating mechanism that prevents two species from producing a fertilized egg


  5. chemoaffects spindle fibers from making new cells but also attacks every cell going through mitosis