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  1. 25,000 genes from each parent packaged on 23 chromosomes
  2. cell cycle control
  3. x chromosome
  4. genetic make up
  5. cells anchorage growth
  1. a cells anchor to dish surface and divide, cells form a single layer they stop dividing, if some cells are scraped away the remaining cells will fill in the missing layer, providing an additional supply of growth factors simulate growth production
  2. b the sex chromosome found in both men and women. Females have two X chromosomes; males have one. An X chromosome from each parent produces a female child
  3. c plasma membrane---growth factors---receptor protein---signal transduction pathway---control system
  4. d genotype
  5. e how many genes from your parents do you get from each

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  1. what do genes do?
  2. combined genetic information of all the members of a particular population
  3. dinosaurs to birds
  4. reproduction involving the union or fusion of a male and a female gamete, generates variety in off spring variety is needed to survive variety
  5. molecule on the surface of a pathogen that identifies it as a foreign invader to the immune system

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  1. telophasefourth and final phase of mitosis, during which the chromosomes begin to disperse into a tangle of dense material, chromosomes uncoil


  2. mechanical isolationform of reproductive isolation in which two populations reproduce at different times


  3. Darwin ideasmore individual are produced then can survive and reproduce. there is variation of characteristics within a population. there is unequal reproductive success based on variation, limited resources, comptition for resources, passing down traits to offspring, variation within a population


  4. bio geographylooking at life currently and why it is in exsistance, dealing with the geographical distribution of animals and plants


  5. genetic driftcombined genetic information of all the members of a particular population