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  1. example of macro evolution
  2. antigens
  3. genes code for proteins.
  4. dominant genes
  5. bottleneck effect
  1. a what do genes do?
  2. b member of a gene terror that controls the appearance of a certain trait, genes that mask other genes' effects
  3. c molecule on the surface of a pathogen that identifies it as a foreign invader to the immune system
  4. d Genetic drift that occurs when the size of a population is reduced, as by a natural disaster or human actions. Typically, the surviving population is no longer genetically representative of the original population.
  5. e dinosaurs to birds

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  1. sex-linked recessive disorder defined by the absence of one or more proteins required for blood clotting
  2. having two identical alleles for a trait
  3. three genes in our skin tone six alleles
  4. physical traits of the organism, what an organism looks like as a consequence of its genotype
  5. defines a species as a set of organisms with a unique genetic history

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  1. non disjunctionA form of natural selection in which individuals with certain inherited characteristics are more likely than other individuals to obtain mates.


  2. comparative embryologydecent with modification
    -human, cat, whale, bat, The comparison of body structures and how they vary among species


  3. Darwin conclusionpopulations over time would reflect adaptation of those individuals that survived and reproduced. the power of the environment would influence who survived and who reproduced


  4. y chromosomethe sex chromosome found only in males. When paired with an X chromosome from the mother, it produces a male child.


  5. punnet squareA chart that shows all the possible combinations of alleles that can result from a genetic cross


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