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  1. Darwin ideas
  2. alleles
  3. anaphase
  4. sexual selection may be first for feather..
  5. Darwin theory
  1. a decent with modification and change over time
  2. b the alternate form of a gene
  3. c the third phase of mitosis, during which the chromosome pairs separate and move toward opposite polesspindle fibers pull apart the chromotides making them 2 chromosomes moving to the opposite side of the cell
  4. d in dinosaurs, feathers in dinosaurs feathers are for warmth, and flight. a non-symmetrical feather is for flight a symmetrical feather is non flight
  5. e more individual are produced then can survive and reproduce. there is variation of characteristics within a population. there is unequal reproductive success based on variation, limited resources, comptition for resources, passing down traits to offspring, variation within a population

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  1. sex-linked recessive disorder defined by the absence of one or more proteins required for blood clotting
  2. A human genetic disease caused by a sex-linked recessive allele; characterized by progressive weakening and a loss of muscle tissue.
  3. there are alternative forms of genes alleles for each inherited characteristic an organism has two genes one from each parent a sperm or egg carries only one allele for each when the two genes of a pair are different alleles they are called dominant ans recessive
  4. error in meiosis in which homologous chromosomes fail to separate
  5. A genetic condition of having three chromosomes instead of two. The conidtion causes various birth defects

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  1. Gregor Mendelbegan modern era of genetics came up with most of genetic terminology


  2. telophasefourth and final phase of mitosis, during which the chromosomes begin to disperse into a tangle of dense material, chromosomes uncoil


  3. 25,000 genes from each parent packaged on 23 chromosomeshow many genes from your parents do you get from each


  4. post zygotic barrierscell wall ends up with two daughter cells


  5. chemoaffects spindle fibers from making new cells but also attacks every cell going through mitosis


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