W&L: Development & Evidence; Organization; Effective Language Use

Revising & refining for rhetoric, writer's purpose, thesis statments, claims, & evidence?
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Purpose of conclusions?Ends piece and restates or summarizes the main ideaPrecision/Concision; interesting; satisfyingelements of effective introductions & conclusionsTwo main goals of good paragraph writingCohesion and logical progression of ideasResults of transitional words and phrasesflow and fluencyWhat is the objective for Effective Language Use?Recognize the effect that language choices (diction and syntax) can have on a readerWhat are the four elements of Effective Language Use?Precision; Concision; Style and tone; SyntaxWhat is Precision?exactness and appropriateness in word choiceWhat is Concision?Avoiding wordiness and redundancyMaking word choice consistent with rhetorical goal?Style and toneWhat is Syntax?constructing, patterning, and combining sentences to improve flowWhat are the subscores for W&L: Effective Language UseExpression of Ideas & Words in Context