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PH Scale and Bunsenburner Quiz

identify the parts of the Bunsen Burner?
Flame ,Barrel ,Gass Jet, Gass Valve ,Breathing tube
list safety rules involved when dealing with Bunsen Burner?
Hair back no poen toed shoes apron and goggles on
will describe the color(s) reflected by a light source as well as describe the absorbed colors?
The light you see from the flame is the reflected light and the obsorbed light id the light you see with the special glasses on
describe the pH scale?
The PH scale is a sclae to test the acidity of a substances
explain the process of neutralization?
This is when an acid and a base are of equal forcae and depleat eachother as a whole
This is used to see how much of a PH a substance has such as Litmus paper
Indicator example?
Litmus paper
pH, definition?
Is a scale used to test the acidity of a substance
Is a substance that is above 7 on the PH scale
HCL is a?
is an acid
Is this an Acid or a Base- (-OHl3)?
Blue Litmus paper turns red in a...?
Red Litmus turens Blue in a...?
What substance does bromthimal blue turn if it is yellow or green?
An Acid
What if bromialthiomal blue stays blue in a liquid what does that mean?
It is a Base
When a golden rod turns Blood red that means the substance is..?
And if a golden rod stays gold that means the substance is....?
a Base