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Intro Microbio Lab 1: Introduction to the Microbiology Lab

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-Eyepiece: The lens one looks through. 10x lenses. Pointer inside right ocular

-Revolving Nosepiece: Holds objective lenses and can be rotated to change objective lens/power

-Objective lens: refracts light passing through specimen to produce magnified image. Comes in 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x. Immersion oil needed for 100x

-Stage clips: Holds slide in place

-Mechanical Stage: flat platform where slides are placed

-Diaphragm (iris): Rotating disk directly under stage. Used to vary intensity and size of cone of light that is projected from light source up towards slide. Adjusted to improve contrast between background and specimen

-Light source: halogen bulb in base of microscope (provides light for specimen illumination)

-Base: Holds everything in place and is used to transport the microscope safely

-Arm: Used to transport microscope safely

-Condenser lens: Concentrates Light on specimen and makes illumination more uniform

-Coarse adjustment knob: Left side of microscope, larger focus knob used to greatly change focus of microscope

-Fine adjustment knob: Left side, smaller focus knob used to slightly change focus

-Rotating head: Contains delicate prism used to send image to the oculars and your eyes (head show be rotated so oculars are facing arm, when stored)

-On/Off switch: Obvious

-Illumination intensity control: knob control brightness of light directed at specimen

-X-Y translation mechanism:
--Y stage control knob: top knob, used to move slide vertically on mechanical stage
--X stage control knob: bottom knob, used to move slide horizontally on stage