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Ancient Greeks
-350 B.C.
-led by the philosopher Aristotle; believed that species were permanent and unchanging

The Middle Ages
-Judeo-Christian scholars believed in the literal interpretation of the bible for over a millennium
-Taught that the Earth was created over 6,000 years ago, and that all life remains as it was originally created

-The discovery of fossils suggested that Earth is way older than we thought
-In previous times, organisms related to, but distinct from, today's creatures lived on Earth
-Fossils might represent extinct, ancient forms of modern creatures

-French naturalist Jean Baptiste de Lamarck was one of the first to suggest that life evolves through physical changes that enable organisms to succeed in their environment

Darwin's Birth
-Born in England
-Had ambitions as a naturalist

-Scottish geologist Charles Lyell published Principles of Geology
-Suggested that Earth was very old and gradually changed through slow, accumulating processes such as erosion and earthquakes

Darwin's Education
-Originally entered medical school; enrolled in Cambridge to be a minister
-Graduated w/ a B.A.

The Voyage of the Beagle
-22 yr old Darwin was the shipboard naturalist on the HMS Beagle for a round the world surveying voyage
-Ventured ashore to collect fossils
-Struck by the diversity of life in the area

Darwin's Adult Life
-Convinced that Earth and its life were very old & constantly changing
-Spent decades reading, analyzing his specimens, and discussing ideas

-Darwin's colleague Alfred Russel Wallace was developing his own ideas of natural selection
-Prompted Darwin to present his papers publicly

The Origin of Species
-Charles Darwin presents a strong logical argument for evolution by natural selection as well as lots of supporting evidence
-Became an instant best seller
-One of the most influential books in biology