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by alexandra

Nave, Church of San Lorenzo, Florence

Facade, Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, Florence

Courtyard with Sgraffito Decoration, Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, Florence

Palazzo Rucellai, Florence

The Four Crowned Martyrs

Saint George

Gates of Paradise, Baptistry of San Giovanni, Florence

Jacob and Esau, Panel of the Gates of Paradise (East Doors)

Donatello's David

Equestrian Monument of Erasmo da Narni (Gattamelata)

Mary Magdalen

Equestrian Statue of Bartolommeo Colleoni, Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Venice

Hercules and Antaeus

Battle of the Nudes

Trinity with the Virgin, Saint John the Evangelist, and Donors

The Expulsion from Paradise

The Tribute Money

Annunciation North Corridor, Monastery of San Marco, Florence

Andrea del Castagno's The Last Supper

Courtyard, Ducal Palace, Urbino

Studiolo of Federico da Montefeltro, Ducal Palace, Urbino

Recognition and Proving of the True Cross

Battista Sforza and Federico da Montefeltro

Triumph of Federico and Battista

Facade, Church of Sant'Andrea, Mantua

Nave, Church of Sant'Andrea, Mantua

Camera Picta, Ducal Palace, Mantua

Delivery of the Keys to Saint Peter

View of the Sassetti Chapel, Church of Santa Trinita, Florence

Nativity and Adoration of the Shepherds, Sassetti Chapel Panel, Altarpiece, Santa Trinita, Florence

Birth of Venus

Mystic Nativity

Ca D'Oro, Venice

Procession of the Relic of the True Cross Before the Church of Saint Mark

Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints Francis, John the Baptist, Job, Dominic, Sebastian, and Louis of Toulouse

Saint Francis in Ecstasy

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