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WinSvr 2008 Net Infrastructure Quiz 7/8

A single computer can perform all of the roles in the Windows print architecture.
Although any Windows computer can function as a print server, it is not recommended that you use a workstation for this task.
By default, the Print Management console displays only which of the following in its list of print servers?
local machine
Compared with NTFS permissions, printer permissions are __________.
How many possibilities of filter combinations exist in the Print Management Console?
more than 1,000
Just as with folder shares, what must clients have to access a shared printer?
proper permissions
Printer permissions, which are much simpler than NTFS permissions, basically dictate whether __________.
all of the above
Printing in Microsoft Windows typically involves all of the following components except a __________.
print router
The XML Paper Specification format is included with which of the following operating systems by default?
Windows Vista
To install the Internet Printing role service, you must also install the Web Server (IIS) role.
To set printer priorities, you must do all of the following except __________.
create multiple print users
To share printers, which Network Sharing and Discovery setting must be turned on?
To stop a job that is currently printing, you must clear the print device's memory (by resetting it or power-cycling the unit), as well as clear the job from the queue.
What computer (or standalone device) receives print jobs from clients and sends them to print devices that are either locally attached or connected to the network?
print server
What is a disadvantage of letting each print client function as its own print server?
Administrators cannot implement advanced printing features.
What is one of the major problems for printing administrators on large enterprise networks?
keeping track of print devices
What is the only role service that is required when you add the Print Services role?
Print Server
What standardized, highly portable print job format is the default format used by the Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 print subsystems?
Enhanced Metafile (EMF)
Which document management menu command causes the print server to stop sending jobs to the print device until you resume it by selecting the same menu item again?
Printer > Pause Printing
Which document management menu command enables users to send jobs to the printer, where they remain in the queue, unprocessed, until you select the same menu item again?
Printer > Use Printer Offline
Which of the following is not a node found in the Print Management console?
sharing and security
Which of the following is not an option with the Print Services Management Console?
Installing a printer
Which version of Windows automatically supports automatic policy-based printer deployments by default?
None of the above
With network-attached print devices, what is the primary deployment decision that the administrator must make?
which computer will function as the print server
You must manually install the Print Management console when you add the Print Services role to the computer.
Automatic Updates has been enhanced to support WSUS. This enhancement adds all of the following features when used in conjunction with a WSUS server except __________.
support for Unix-based systems
From where can a server that runs WSUS be synchronized?
all of the above
If Automatic Updates is configured to notify the user of updates that are ready to install, it checks to see whether a user with administrative privileges is logged on to the computer.
If multiple servers run WSUS, the administrator controls which clients access particular servers that run WSUS.
In the Reliability and Performance Monitor, which view provides information about system events that can affect a server's stability, including software installation and un-installation, as well as any application, operating system, or hardware failures that have occurred over a particular time period?
Reliability Monitor
In which node is Event Viewer located?
Diagnostics node
In which view can you view the counters associated with Data Collector Sets?
Performance Monitor
Initial WSUS server configuration options include all of the following except __________.
all of the above
Server management includes all of the following with the exception of __________.
controlling download and installation behavior
The Reliability and Performance Monitor is a tool located within the Administrative Tools folder that combines features that had previously been spread across a number of tools. Which of the following is not a feature?
Performance Monitor
The version of Network Monitor that is built into Windows Server 2008 can capture 100 percent of the network traffic available to the network interface.
Updates that can be deployed via WSUS can include all of the following except __________.
additional user experience features
When you first launch Network Monitor, what key do you press to begin capturing network traffic?
Which log records events associated with server installation, adding and removing server roles, installing applications, and so forth?
Which log should be the first place you look when you suspect a problem with Active Directory?
Directory Service
Which of the following are the specific processes or events that you want to track?
performance counters
Which of the following is not a built-in Data Collector Set within Windows Server 2008?
System Monitor
Which of the following is not a category for the Windows operating system updates?
Group Policy updates
Which of the following is not a main component of WSUS?
Windows Update Communication Service
Which of the following is not a tool that can help you proactively troubleshoot network problems?
Performance console
Which of the following is the default view of the Reliability and Performance Monitor?
Which of the following is the most frequently used view within the Reliability and Performance Monitor?
Performance Monitor
Windows Server 2008 includes a built-in network monitor.
Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is a Web-based tool for managing and distributing software updates that resolve known security vulnerabilities or otherwise improve performance of all of the following operating systems except __________.
Windows NT
You can create your own custom Data Collector Set.