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what are hot towels delivered from?wicker basketWhat is on your beverage cart?cart liner, get up and go topper, sugar/cream caddy, complimentary snacks, coffee/tea, lemon and limes, red and white wine (complimentary)the pre-meal beverage service starts where with a choice of what?first row of economy with a choice of peanuts or pretzelsWhich comes first, the meal or beverage cart?meal cart --> beverage cart about 3-5 rows apart starting at the front of the economy cabinhow do we operate the carts?push, not pullwhen do we offer coffee/tea/water cart?before meal pickupwhat is the last thing we do during the first service?deliver individual water bottles from 2 carts front to backIf there is a designated crew rest, what is the time you would receive a crew break?7hours-7:49in between services, what should you do?dim cabin lights, maintain clean and quiet galleys, and walk through the cabin every 10-15 minuteswhen should breaks end and when should pre arrival service begin?1:40 prior to arrival breaks should end, preparation for pre arrival 1:30When should you distribute customs forms and why? who is responsible for distributing?early to allow the maximum time for the passenger to fill out... al crew memberswhere can you find information about customs forms?in destinations on portalWhat is a general declaration form?this document will be paperless for international flights inbound to the US. exceptions are charter flights, ferry flights, us virgin islands and pre-clearance locations. Purser responsibleWhat is the form filled out by crew members and what is the allowance to claim upon entry into the US?crew member declaration form and $200what are automated passport control kiosks?self service kiosks that allow passengers to submit their declaration and biographic information electronically. the APC program was launches in yvr atl jfk sea and moo. passengers using pac no longer need to complete a paper customs formWhat is the name of the form completed by all crew members in the briefing who are traveling to the UK?C909What is the general order of service?in flight: forms hot towels hot towel pickup beverage cart pickup meal cart followed by beverage cart pickup coffee water tea pickup water between services: dim lights, maintain clean and quiet galley, walk through cabin every 10-15 minutes monitor labs every 30 minutes water walks mid flight service prepare for prearrival pre arrival: hot towels pre arrival coffee tea water pick up