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  1. Basic rule of considerate behavior.
  2. Chinese characters
  3. Tool to give people insight into their interpersonal communication and relationships.
  4. Respond to compliment?
  5. "Golden Mean"
  1. a To avoid extremes
    Maintain healthy balance
  2. b Johari Window
  3. c Thank you
  4. d Punctuality
  5. e ear-hear

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  1. A choice between two rights
  2. Respect and Responsibility
  3. Multiple Intelligence
  4. Ends-based thinking
    Rules-based thinking
    Care-based thinking
  5. Religions, Politics, Money, Personal relationships, Health, Physical appearance

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  1. What are the tests for Right and Wrong?Front page test
    Legal test
    Mentor test


  2. Dr. Forni. What should you acknowledge?Saying Hello


  3. Pervasive and frustrating sources of everyday?Saying Hello


  4. DilemmaChoice between two alternatives, neither of which would be wholly satisfactory


  5. Person's privacy: what areas at home or work are these?Home: Bedroom, bathroom
    Work: Office, cubicle, computer, e-mail, desk