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  1. Respond to compliment?
  2. Person's privacy: what areas at home or work are these?
  3. 3 main resolution principles
  4. What is first responsibility with others?
  5. Pervasive and frustrating sources of everyday?
  1. a To attend to the ones we are with.
  2. b Ends-based thinking
    Rules-based thinking
    Care-based thinking
  3. c Noise
  4. d Thank you
  5. e Home: Bedroom, bathroom
    Work: Office, cubicle, computer, e-mail, desk

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  1. Choice between two alternatives, neither of which would be wholly satisfactory
  2. Truth vs. Loyalty
    Justice vs. Mercy
    Long-term vs. Short term
    Individual vs. Community
  3. Punctuality
  4. Front page test
    Legal test
    Mentor test
  5. To avoid extremes
    Maintain healthy balance

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  1. What areas are generally considered taboo?Religions, Politics, Money, Personal relationships, Health, Physical appearance


  2. How to communicate kindness?Smile and body language


  3. Dr. Forni. What should you acknowledge?Saying Hello


  4. Ethical dilemmaA choice between two rights


  5. English judge who gave us functional definitionLord Moulton