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  1. Concept of intelligence was dominated by standardized tests
  2. Pervasive and frustrating sources of everyday?
  3. Two Universal values.
  4. Basic form of acknowledgement?
  5. What is first responsibility with others?
  1. a Noise
  2. b Saying Hello
  3. c Multiple Intelligence
  4. d Respect and Responsibility
  5. e To attend to the ones we are with.

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  1. Truth vs. Loyalty
    Justice vs. Mercy
    Long-term vs. Short term
    Individual vs. Community
  2. ear-hear
  3. Pause,
    Ask if it's your business?
    Could it hurt someone?
    Is it negative?
  4. Ends-based thinking
    Rules-based thinking
    Care-based thinking
  5. We focus on ourselves

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  1. Dr. Forni. What should you acknowledge?Saying Hello


  2. What are the tests for Right and Wrong?To everything


  3. Lord Moulton's definition of ethicsTelling them your opinion


  4. Ethical dilemmaA choice between two rights


  5. Respond to compliment?Thank you