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0A pink-flowered Mirabilis plant (Rr) is crossed with a white-flowered Mirabilis (rr). What is the chance that a seed from this cross will produce a red-flowered plant (RR)?when it has more than two versions and make more phenotypesWhy can multiple alleles result in many different phenotypes for a trait?No, environment can affect the traits like darkness of skin, not all genes in our DNA can be expressed.Are an organism's characteristics determined only by its genes? Explain.four haploid gametesUnlike mitosis, meiosis in male mammals results in the formation ofthe relative location of genes on a chromosomesA gene map shows4 chromosomesSuppose that an organism has the diploid number 2N = 8. How many chromosomes do this organism's gametes contain?meiosis is a single cell that divides twice to produce four cells containing half the original amount of genetic informationDescribe the process of meiosis.Chromosomes of the cell not individual genes assort independently because genes are present inside the chromosome or in other words chromosomes is made-up of genetic information.Explain why chromosomes, not individual genes, assort independently.100%What is the probability when you cross two parents that are both homozygous recessive that the offspring will also be homozygous recessive? (listing)2How many sets of chromosomes are in a diploid cell? (listing)They are the two sets of chromosomes found in the body cells. One comes from your mom and one comes from your dad.Define homologous chromosomes. (listing)they are cut in halfWhat happens to the number of chromosomes per cell during meiosis? (listing)sex cells or gametesWhat are the only kinds of cells that undergo meiosis? (listing)They both have prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. In meiosis 1 is still diploid cells. At the start of meiosis 2, all the cells after are going to be haploid cells. Meiosis 1 has only one cell going through it, meiosis 2 has 2 cells going through it. Meiosis 1 has the crossover event. This does not occur in meiosis 2.Compare and contrast Meiosis 1 and 2. (listing)Genotype is the genetic makeup of an organism and phenotype is the physical traits that you can see.What is the difference between phenotype and genotype? (listing)Multiple alleles is a gene that has more than two alleles. Polygenic traits is a trait controlled by two or more genes.What is the difference between multiple alleles and polygenic traits? (listing)