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Chapter 29 Nutrition

an essential structural component of living cells and source of energy for animals
Dietary fiber
portion of plant that cannot be digested
Adipose tissue(fat tissue)
Excessive CHO calories are stored as adipose tissue
Olive oil, canola oil
unsaturated fats
avocados, coconut oils
food source of fat
complex CHO
fruits, whole grains
good cholesterol
LDL less than 100mg/dl
must eat a combination of complete proteins to meet their nutritional needs
minimum 8 glasses a day to maintain optimum health
grain group
largest on food pyramid
fats per day
20%-35% of diet.
Body mass index.
Degree of body fat
Death rate BMI
significantly higher with BMI of 25 and above.
clear diet
a diet that consists of foods that are liquid at room temperature and leave little residue in the intestine. Ex: Water, Sprite, Ginger Ale, all beverages without any residue, broth, Jello
mechanical soft diet
is recommended for people with difficulty in chewing or swallowing. After oral surgery
abnormal side pockets (outpouchings) in the intestinal wall.
low fiber diet
American Cancer Society
recommends high fiber diet
glycemic index
rates the foods on how quickly they affect blood glucose levels
Food labels
Must include total amount of fat in the food and the percentage of saturated fat.
sodium free
must have less than 5 milligrams of sodium to be considered salt free
9 kcal/gram
fat content and number of calories
important criteria for patient to understand
obesity affects
affects more than 60 percent of Americans
found in milk
stool sample/occult blood
avoid red meat
protein is found
meats and nuts
high cholesterol
avoid red meat
vitamin c
found in citrus
found in raw vegetables
calcium vitamin D
found in dairy products
found in raw vegetables
Beta-carotene, Vit.E , Vit C
Considered antioxidants
not fat soluble
Vitamin C is not fat soluble
bingeing and purging
anorexia nervosa
related to stress
headaches, hypertension, diarrhea
diagnostic. test not a health screening
20% above recommended body weight
dizzy, balance problems
amino acids
building blocks of proteins
tests for dehydration. grasp skin on posterior surface of hand
diabetes mellitus
lack of insulin production from the beta cells in the pancreas