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Summer 1999

head of Pakistani military Musharraf launches surprise attack on Kashmir without consent of Prime minister

October 1999

Musharraf leads military coup, exiles former prime minister

June 2001

Musharraf names himself president for 5 years, intense pressure to put Pakistan back in a stable democracy

October 2001

Musharraf withdraws military support for Taliban, pledged Pakistani support for American war on terror


Musharraf puts founder of Pakistani nuclear program under arrest after it is found that he sold nukes to Libya, North Korea, and Iran

AQ Khan

chief of Pakistani nuclear weapons program, sold nuclear technology to Libya, North Korea, and Iran

April 2002

Musharraf wins "referendum" to extend presidency another 5 years


Musharraf survives 2 assassination attempts, probably from Islamic extremists


South Asian country that has always been a "crossroads"


percent of arable land in Afghanistan

Hindu Kush

mountain range in Afghanistan


percentage of heroin produced in Afghanistan

Uzbecs, Turkmen

two groups tossed out by Taliban in Northern Afghanistan, have been helping the US


dominate Central and Western Afghanistan, the "swing" voters who share language and culture with Iran


historically the most dominant tribal area, shares ties with many Pakistanis, support the Taliban


poorest nation in South Asia


the "tidal country" of three rivers in Bangladesh


has the most cohesive population in Asia of 100% Bengali and Sunni Muslim

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