DG Week 10

8 terms by cboulette

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Daily Geography week 10 BHMCS grade 6

What is the second largest country in South America?

Argentian is the second largest country in South America.

The Ganges River, in southern Asia, has its source in the Himalayas in northern India. Where is its mouth?

The ganges River has its source in the Bay of Bengal.

Which country is farther north, Botswana or Paraguay?

Botswana is father north.

How are the Amazon, Nile, and Mississippi Rivers alike?

The Amazon, Nile, and Mississippi Rivers are the longest rivers on their continents.

In which state are the Aleutin Islands located?

The Aleutin Islands are located in Alaska.

Is Madison, Wisconsin closer to the North Pole or the Equator?

Wisconsin is closer to the Equator.

In which two hemispheres do citizens of Uruguay live?

The citizens of Uruguay live in the western and southern hemispheres.

Which gulf is located between Saudi Arabia and Iran?

The Persian Gulf is located between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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