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  1. Realistic Fiction
  2. Legend
  3. Speech
  4. Other Character's Reactions
  5. Rising Action
  1. a A public address used to persuade, entertain, or inform a group of people; non-fiction.
  2. b How other characters react to the character being focused on.
  3. c Developement; builds up climax; Where Foreshadowing is usually found.
  4. d A fictional story which was passed down from one to another; usually has to do with heroic accomplishments.
  5. e A fictional story that can actually take place; the setting is a real life place; characters are not real people.

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  1. Everything is solved; peace is present
  2. A fictional story with impossible events involving magical powers, supernatrual creatures, ect.; setting is non-existant; character are not real or, in some cases, life-like.
  3. Narrator isn't a character in the story, but speaks directly to another Character
  4. A non-fiction story of someone's life witten by themselves.
  5. A character's thoughts, speech or , actions that reflect on his/her personality.

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  1. Mythologya comparison between two things that are basically unalike but have some similar qualities. Doesn't use the words like or as.


  2. ForeshadowingEverything is solved; peace is present


  3. Third person point of view - OmniscentNarrator isn't a character in the story; all character's thoughts afre revealed.


  4. InformationalA non-fiction piece of writing used to inform.


  5. Third Person point pof view - LimitedNarrator isn't a character in the story; only thouhgts of the main character are revealed.