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  1. Essay
  2. Falling action
  3. Second person point of view
  4. Consumer Documents
  5. Foreshadowing
  1. a Problems are being solved; the tension settles
  2. b Narrator isn't a character in the story, but speaks directly to another Character
  3. c A piece of writing describing a product; usually an electronic device.
  4. d A non-fiction story on a single topic.
  5. e Uses an event in the story to emphasise a later event.

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  1. The most important part of the story; promblem(s) occur
  2. a comparison between two things that are basically unalike but have some similar qualities. Doesn't use the words like or as.
  3. A character that is fully described.Tend to be main characters of a story.
  4. A fictional story where characters are involved with supernatrual beings such as gods, monsters, and "powerful" people.
  5. A non-fiction piece of writing used to inform.

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  1. MysteryA fictional story with suspense and a problem that is not usually solved till the end; the setting is usually a crime scene; character are realistic.


  2. Tall TaleType of traditional literature. A fictional story where good and evil fight against each other.


  3. ExpositionEverything is solved; peace is present


  4. Rising ActionProblems are being solved; the tension settles


  5. Narrator's Direct CommentsHow other characters react to the character being focused on.