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Theology Semester 2 Final

900 BCE

Israel split into two kingdoms because the North was tired of the oppressive kings

Northern Kingdom

Capitol: Samaria
Captured: Assyrians in 721 BC

Southern Kingdom

Capitol: Jerusalem
Captured: Babylonians in 586 BC


Period of time when the Jews were forced to live in captivity.
-They lost the Promised Land & the temple.
-Made them stronger in their faith, because it became internal. "The covenant will be written on your hearts"
-Wrote a lot of the Bible during this time,reflecting on what they had done wrong to get them where they were.

First Creation Story

-Going through the 7 days of creation
-Reminded the Israelites that God is good, and so are all his creations. God is in control of everything.

Second Creation Story

-Adam & Eve, the Betrayal with the snake
-Described how sin, suffering, and death entered the world
-God intended for man and women to be happy forever. But they wanted to be equal to God.

Why were both creation stories included in the Bible?

They both provide different religious truth

Position of the Catholic Church regarding the creation stories in Genesis and the Theory of Evolution

The Bible's stories are not meant to be scientifically true. There is no contradiction between the two beliefs.

Purpose of the Wisdom Writings

to seek the ways of God

Three Books in Wisdom Literature


Book of Job

Address the Problem of Evil (why the good suffer)
-States that we will never understand why the good suffer


Songs of the Heart because they express deep emotion in our hearts

At the end of the OT...

The chosen people are waiting for the Messiah. They thought he would a King, but Christians believe that Jesus is the fulfillment of that promise from God, and that he has fulfilled the Old Covenant and establishes a New Covenant b/w God and his people, the Church.

Salvation History

The story of God's actions and the people's responses over many centuries


The Law


First 5 books of the OT


Angel of death (Plague) - meal to remember the event


Sacred promise usually between God and his people


'going out' -Story of Israelites being freed from slavery in Egypt


Military leader


Someone who speaks for God


(600 BC) -Time when the Israelites were taken captive by the Babylonians & forced to move from the Promised Land


Greek word for Dispersion. Means spreading out or scattering.


Exodus Character
-Moses' successor
-Led Israelites into the Promised Land


-Married to Isaac
-Jacob & Esau's mom
-Helped Jacob trick Isaac into giving him the birthright


-Married Rebekuh
-Son of Abraham and Sarah
-Sons were Jacob and Esau
-Jacob and Rebekuh tricked him into giving the birthright to Jacob instead of Esau


-Abraham's wife
-Gave birth to Isaac, when she was old and barren
-Laughed when she was told she was going to have a son, Isaac means "to laugh"


-To David, helped him realize his sins


Exodus Character
-Mosaic Covenant
-Led Israelites to the Promised Land (from Egypt), did not enter though
-Ten Commandments


Prophet & Judge
-Last Judge, First Prophet
-Anointer of the Kings
-Thought having a King was a bad idea


Sin) unfaithful in God's eyes
Disaster) Philistine's take over
Deliverance) Knocked down the building, killing himself and the Philistines
-Couldn't control his strength and power (His long hair)


-Father of a great nation
-FIRST patriarch
-Married to Sarah. Strangers told him she will have a son.
-Old & Wise
-Sons are Isaac (with Sarah) & Ishmael (with Hagar) who is the father of the Arab people


Sin) Did evil in the eyes of God
Disaster) Canaanite King
Deliverance) Jael kills her in the head when staying overnight with her?


-Jacob's favorite son
-Oldest son of Rachel
-Brothers sold him as a slave to Egypt
-Became the Pharaoh's right hand man
-Predicted the famine
-Moved family to Egypt
-Dream interpreter


-Stole Esau's birthright with Rebekah
-Wrestled with a stranger on the way back to Canaan (then got a new name)
-Married to Rachel & Leah (sisters, loved Rachel more)
-Son of Isaac & Rebekah

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