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  1. OfferEE
  2. Misrepresentation
  3. Competent
  4. Consideration
  5. Unilateral Contract
  1. a The statement of an untruth: A misstatement of of fact dsigned to lead one to believe that something is other then it is. (Fraud)
  2. b
    a person to whom an offer is made
  3. c
    The reason a person enters into a contract-Vlaue-
  4. d A contract in which there is a promise on one side only, the consideration being an act rather than a promise.
  5. e
    Having legal capacity; capable quallified

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  1. Rule evidance of fraud contract

  2. The accent by the person to whom an offer is made, to the offer as made by the person making it.

  3. A signed, written contract

  4. an obligation imposed by law to achieve equity, contracts imposed by the law usualy to prevent un just enrichment. A legal fiction that a contract exsists.

  5. Effective; suffcient in law; legal

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  1. Bilaterel
    Involoving two intrests. 2. having two sides


  2. Mailed (mail box rule)
    Acceptance of an offer takes place when the accaptance is mailed


  3. Offer
    A proposal made with the purpose of obtaining and acceptance, therby creating a contract.


  4. Third party benigivisry contract
    A contract made for the benefit of a third person


  5. OfferOR
    A person who mkaes an offer