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  1. Meeting of the Minds
  2. Quasi Contract
  3. Oral Contract
  4. Acceptance
  5. Liquidated Damages
  1. a
    a sum agreed upon by the parties at the time of entering into a contract as being payable by way of compensation for loss suffered by the event of a breech of contract
  2. b
    A contract that is not written. Unless the asubject of the contract is covered by the statuate of frauds, it is jsut as valid as a written contract
  3. c
    The mutual assent of the parties to a contract with respect to all the prinicipal terms of the contract
  4. d
    an obligation imposed by law to achieve equity, contracts imposed by the law usualy to prevent un just enrichment. A legal fiction that a contract exsists.
  5. e
    The accent by the person to whom an offer is made, to the offer as made by the person making it.

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  1. A signed, written contract

  2. Acceptance of an offer takes place when the accaptance is mailed

  3. The reason a person enters into a contract-Vlaue-

  4. A contract whos terms are stated by the party. (verbal or written)
  5. A contract in which there is a promise on one side only, the consideration being an act rather than a promise.

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  1. Valid
    A proposal made with the purpose of obtaining and acceptance, therby creating a contract.


  2. Third party benigivisry contract
    A contract whos terms are stated by the party. (verbal or written)


  3. Competent
    a person to whom an offer is made


  4. Voidabale
    The sum of money that may be recovered in the courts of financial reperation for an injury or wrong suffered as a result of breech of contract or a totious act


  5. Enforcable
    can be put into effect or carried out refering to legal right. eg. contract;judment