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  1. Express Contract
  2. OfferOR
  3. Implied Contract
  4. Bilaterel
  5. Statuate of Frauds
  1. a
    contract implied in fact, which the law infers from the circumstances , conduct,acts, or the relationshipsof the parties rather than their spoken words. 2. contracts implied in law which are quasi contracts or constructive .
  2. b
    requires certain classes of contract to be in writing and signed. Prevent fraud by the parties
  3. c
    Involoving two intrests. 2. having two sides
  4. d
    A contract whos terms are stated by the party. (verbal or written)
  5. e
    A person who mkaes an offer

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  1. A contract that creates no legal rights= no contract at all.
  2. Rule evidance of fraud contract
  3. The statement of an untruth: A misstatement of of fact dsigned to lead one to believe that something is other then it is. (Fraud)

  4. an agreement between two persons, one of whom is suing the other, in which the clamant accepts a compromise in full satisfaction of his claim (usually less)

  5. The mutual assent of the parties to a contract with respect to all the prinicipal terms of the contract

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  1. Liquidated Damages
    The sum of money that may be recovered in the courts of financial reperation for an injury or wrong suffered as a result of breech of contract or a totious act


  2. OfferEE
    A proposal made with the purpose of obtaining and acceptance, therby creating a contract.


  3. Formal Contract
    A signed, written contract


  4. Restitutionin both contract and tort a remdy that restores the status quo


  5. Mailed (mail box rule)A contract in which there is a promise on one side only, the consideration being an act rather than a promise.