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  1. Void Contract
  2. OfferEE
  3. Misrepresentation
  4. Enforcable
  5. Meeting of the Minds
  1. a
    a person to whom an offer is made
  2. b
    The mutual assent of the parties to a contract with respect to all the prinicipal terms of the contract
  3. c
    can be put into effect or carried out refering to legal right. eg. contract;judment
  4. d A contract that creates no legal rights= no contract at all.
  5. e The statement of an untruth: A misstatement of of fact dsigned to lead one to believe that something is other then it is. (Fraud)

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  1. Acceptance of an offer takes place when the accaptance is mailed

  2. The accent by the person to whom an offer is made, to the offer as made by the person making it.

  3. a sum agreed upon by the parties at the time of entering into a contract as being payable by way of compensation for loss suffered by the event of a breech of contract

  4. A person who mkaes an offer
  5. A contract in which there is a promise on one side only, the consideration being an act rather than a promise.

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  1. Accord of satisfactionin both contract and tort a remdy that restores the status quo


  2. Oral Contract
    A signed, written contract


  3. Valid
    Effective; suffcient in law; legal


  4. Statuate of Frauds
    requires certain classes of contract to be in writing and signed. Prevent fraud by the parties


  5. Implied ContractA contract that creates no legal rights= no contract at all.