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  1. Competent
  2. Accord of satisfaction
  3. Void Contract
  4. Offer
  5. Damages
  1. a
    The sum of money that may be recovered in the courts of financial reperation for an injury or wrong suffered as a result of breech of contract or a totious act
  2. b
    an agreement between two persons, one of whom is suing the other, in which the clamant accepts a compromise in full satisfaction of his claim (usually less)
  3. c
    A proposal made with the purpose of obtaining and acceptance, therby creating a contract.
  4. d
    Having legal capacity; capable quallified
  5. e A contract that creates no legal rights= no contract at all.

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  1. the announced intention of a party to a contract that she does not intend to perform her obligations under the contract

  2. A signed, written contract

  3. A contract made for the benefit of a third person

  4. Involoving two intrests. 2. having two sides

  5. The reason a person enters into a contract-Vlaue-

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  1. OfferEE
    a person to whom an offer is made


  2. Express Contract
    A signed, written contract


  3. Misrepresentationin both contract and tort a remdy that restores the status quo


  4. Quasi Contract
    A contract that is not written. Unless the asubject of the contract is covered by the statuate of frauds, it is jsut as valid as a written contract


  5. Parol EvidanceRule evidance of fraud contract


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