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Chapter 27

Which of the observations below comes clsest to explaining the basis for placing these organisms in different taxa
Their cell walls are constructed from very different biochemicals
Which of the following is the most common compound in the cell walls of gram positive bacteria
Plant like photosynthesis that releases 02 occurs in
Which of the following is the correct order, from most external to most internal?
Capsule, Cell Wall, Plasma membrane
This is because bacteri that encounter such an environment
Undergo death by plasmolysis
Which two structures play direct roles in permitting bacteria to adhere to each other, or to other surfaces?
Capsules and Fimbriae
Prokaryotes have ribosomes different from those of eukaryotes. Because of this which of the following is true?
Some selective antibiotics can block protein synthesis of bacteria without harming the eukaryotic host
What was the basis for diving prokaryotes into two domains
Molecular characteristics such as ribosomal RNA sequences
Which of the following traits do archae and bacteria share
Presence of plasma membrane and lack of a nuclear envolope
If penicillin is an antibiotic that inhibits enzymes from catalyzing the synthesis of peptidoglycan, then which prokaryotes should be most vulnerable to inhibition by penicillin?
Gram positive bacteria
In which of the following ways can prokaryotes be considered to be more successful on Earth than humans?
Prokaryotes are much more numerous and have more biomass and Prokaryotes occupy more diverse habitats.
If all the bacteria on Earth suddenly disappeared which of the following would be the most likely and most direct result?
The recycling of nutrients would be greatly reduced at least initially
The prokaryotic cells that built stromatolites are classified as
An example of bioremediation is
The use of prokaryotes to treat sewage or clean up oil spills
Composed almost entirely of peptidoglycan
Requires ATP to function, and permits some species to respond to taxes
Not present in all bacteria , this slimy material enables cells that possess it to resist the defenses of host organisms
Not present in all bacteria, this structure enables those that possess it to resist the defenses of host organisms
Responsible for high levels of O2 in Earths Atmosphere