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The lieutenant governor is gets his position as a result of being
elected by the voters.
Given the low salary and low esteem in which legislators are held, a member of which profession can probably most readily afford service in the Texas Legislature?
The president of the Texas Senate also functions as
the lieutenant governor of Texas.
Legislative redistricting for both houses in Texas occurs in
the first odd-numbered year in a decade
In the House and Senate, bills are most likely to be debated and perhaps amended
on the second reading.
According to the 2000 census, the apportionment base for the Texas Senate is about
The liberal response to the Conservative Caucus is the
Legislative Study Group
The state auditor is appointed by the ____________________
Legislative Audit Committee
After court ordered redistricting in District 23 was decided in LULAC v. Perry,
a Democrat was elected to the U.S. Congress
After a legislator serves______ in office, he or she becomes eligible for a pension of ______.
eight years; $23,000 per year
After the 2000 census, Texas congressional districts were redrawn in 2001 by
federal judges.
On first reading in the House of Representatives, a bill is
read by caption and then referred by the speaker to the appropriate committee
A member of the Texas Legislature would be immune from adverse judicial action if he
maliciously lies about an issue during a floor debate
Texas legislators are paid a _______ salary when compared to California legislators.
Which of the following is not correct regarding the Texas House of Representatives?
It has fewer committees than in the Senate.
Redistricting occurs every
ten years.
When Texas ratifies an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the legal form in which this is done is a
joint resolution requiring a simple majority vote in each
The governor may call special sessions that
can last only 30 days each.
The agenda of a special session is set by
the governor
The religious denominations most represented in the Texas Legislature are
Roman Catholic and Southern Baptist
Rules relating to operations of the Texas Senate would be dealt with in a Senate
simple resolution.
A proposed constitutional amendment that originated in the Texas House of Representatives would be prefixed
Redistricting may be politically difficult for a legislator primarily because
it may take away voter support that has helped win elections.
Which of the following is not included within the list of powers accorded the lieutenant governor by the Texas Constitution or Senate rules?
voting on all bills before the Senate
The essence of representative government is
entrusting the enactment of laws to popularly elected legislative assemblies.
The state's weak executive structure was a reaction to Governor E.J. Davis' attempts to
empower African Americans and diminish former slave owner power from the state.
Which officials are in the line of succession to the governorship?
lieutenant governor, attorney general, chief justices of the fourteen courts of appeals in ascending numerical order
Which two state boards are elective?
Railroad Commission of Texas and State Board of Education
Several of Texas's political traditions and institutions stem from the state's experiences after the Civil War, _____.
and an era which gave blacks civil rights called Reconstruction.
Should the governor and lieutenant governor both be out of the state at the same time, how is the office of governor filled?
The president pro tempore of the Senate becomes acting governor.
The governor may not make a vacancy appointment to which position?
member of the legislature
Probably the factor that had most to do with the removal of Governor Ferguson was
an unsolvable conflict with the University of Texas
The number of special sessions that a Texas governor may call is
When the governor calls a special session of the Texas Legislature, he or she
stipulates the matters the legislature is to consider.
The Texas plural executive
is largely independent of gubernatorial control.
Who in state government is receiver and custodian of the revenue?
the comptroller of public accounts
Article IV, Section 7, of the Texas State Constitution provides that the governor shall be _____
Commander-in-Chief of the military forces of the State
When the governor strikes a bargain with an individual legislator in which he promises not to deny funding for a pet project, it is referred to as
pork-barrel politics.
The governor in Texas, under the state constitution, is allowed to serve
unlimited terms
In determining which invitations to county fairs, flower festivals, or other like events to accept, the governor
accepts those that will be politically advantageous.
The comptroller of public accounts is constitutionally required to
certify all spending bills passed by the legislature.
The governor exercises legislative power through
all of the above.
The governor appoints the
secretary of state, commissioner of Health and Human Services, and commissioner of Insurance.
Today, the state's executive structure shows the influence of anti-Reconstruction and racism against _____
E.J. Davis
The Texas governor has some judicial power, which includes
filling vacancies on state courts.
Failure of the Senate to confirm a gubernatorial recess appointment prevents the governor from_____.
reappointing that person to the same position.
By law, gubernatorial appointees to a compensated office must
be confirmed by a two-thirds vote of the Texas Senate.
The governor's removal power
is limited to removing the governor's own agency board appointees with two-thirds Senate consent
According to the text, the governor in Texas is weak and does not merit the title of
chief executive.
The Texas governor who was constitutionally removed from office was
James E. Ferguson.
The Texas Constitution establishes the offices of president of the Senate and speaker of the house of Representatives. It designates the lieutenant governor as_____________________.
acting governor
Republican membership in the Texas Legislature has
constituted a majority in both chambers in 2003
The votes required to impeach and convict an executive or judicial officer of the state in the House and Senate, respectively, are
simple majority and two-thirds majority
What is the fate of a bill vetoed by the governor after the legislature has adjourned?
The bill is dead.
In Texas, the first legislative and congressional elections in districts determined by the 2010 census will be conducted _____________.
in November 2012
is most effective when undertaken at the end of a session
For a bill to receive the emergency tag, it must
receive a two-thirds vote in each chamber.
The Texas Constitution does not include which of the following in its language regarding special legislative sessions?
the legislature may summon itself into veto override session if four-fifths of the members petition to do so
When the two chambers pass a bill with different language in each version,
the bill will go to a conference committee.
Occasionally representatives engage in lengthy debates on bills that they do not oppose. This delaying action is called_____________
While the legislature is debating a bill, the governor can most readily stop that bill by
threatening to veto it
Most of the governor's board and commission appointments to head state agencies must be submitted to the Senate and approved by _____
at least two-thirds of the senators present
Lobbyists must register with the ________________________and make state-required lobbying reports to that agency.
Texas Ethics Commission
The terms of office for members of the Texas Legislature are
Senate, four years; House of Representatives, two years; no limit.
The governor can indicate approval by signing bills within ten days after receiving them, which
includes Monday through Saturday.
The true test of a successful governor is how well he or she
deals with the legislature.
The governor's staff
has been shrunk by Governor Perry to 266 persons.
The penalty for conviction on being impeached is
removal from office and disqualification from holding public in Texas.
Not among the constitutional requirements for the governorship is that the candidate be
a native-born citizen of Texas.
In Texas, the primary responsibility for enforcing the law rests with
the municipal police and county sheriff's departments.
The status of the Texas governorship created by the 1876 constitution is a reaction to
Who is the principal elections officer of the state government?
the secretary of state
According to the text, informal powers are not based on law, but on
popularity, traditions, symbols, and ceremonies
When a customer purchases 1.88 pounds of meat in a supermarket, who is responsible for ensuring that the scale upon which the meat is weighed was accurate?
commissioner of Agriculture of Texas
The governor may independently
grant one 30-day stay of execution of a death sentence
Regular sessions of the Texas Legislature occur
biennially in odd-numbered years for no more than 140 days.
Voters elect a new House of Representatives
in every even-numbered year.
While serving in the Texas Legislature one
cannot hold another government office
A typical Texas legislator is
all of the above
A member of the Texas Legislature is most likely to be a(n)
A vacancy in the Texas House of Representatives or Senate arising during a term is filled by
special election.
Senate has _____________to control the flow of bills from standing committees to the Senate floor.
no calendar committees
Which of the following is not correct regarding the speaker of the Texas House of Representatives?
The office is filled by direct popular vote in the general election.
The _____________appoints the Public Safety Commission's five members, subject to Senate approval.
When the governor consults with a senator from an appointee's home district to obtain support for a nomination, the governor is respecting the tradition of
senatorial courtesy.
A limitation on the governor's appointive power is that the members of most state boards and commissions serve for six years, _____.
with overlapping terms of office
Which governor vetoed the largest number of bills through 2005?
Rick Perry
Regarding the constitutional language relating to the removal of the governor, which statement is incorrect?
A governor may be removed by legislative address.
The strongest legislative power of the governor regarding the legislature is
Who in state government is collector of the revenue?
the comptroller of public accounts
The executive official often thought to be the single most powerful person in state government is the
lieutenant governor