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The replacing of human body parts with mechanical parts.


A dispute resolution process that brings disputants together with a third party (a mediator) who is trained in the art of helping people resolve disputes to everyone's satiffaction. The agreed-upon resolution is then formalized into a binding consent agreement.


A dispute resolution process that brings disputants together with a third party (an arbitrator) who has the skills to listen objectively to evidence presented by both sides of a conflict, to alk probing and relevant questions of each side, and to arrive at an equitable solution to the dispute.

restorative justice

A process whereby an offender is required to contribute to restoring the health of the community, repairing the harm done, and meeting victims' needs.

reintegrative shaming

A strategy in which disappointment is expressed for the offender's actions, the offender is shamed and punished, and, more importantly, folling the expression of disappointment and shame is a concerted effort on the part of the community to forgive the offender and reintegrate him or her back into society.

identity theft

The transfer or use without legal authority of the identification documentation of another person with the intent to commit, aid, or obet any unlawful activity that constitutes a felony.


A process of human hibernation that involves freezing the body.

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