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common name



dogs and cats

ID adults

4-6 cm
thick posterior end tapering rapidly to a long filamentous anterior end (whip)

ID egg

lemon shape, yellow or brown in color
plug at both ends

Life cycle


infective stage

L1 in egg

describe the life cycle

after the animal ingest the L1 in egg the plugs are digested and L1 penetrate glands of the cecal mucosa. All four molts occur. Adults emerge to lie on the mucosal surface with their anterior ends embedded. adults copulate, lay eggs, out in feces

survival rate of eggs in environment

several years under optimal conditions


6-12 wks

site of infection



ususally asymptomatic
diphtheritic (leather like) inflammation of cecal mucosa

clinical signs

watery bloody diarrhea


Fecal float


anthelmintics - adults

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