Biology 1101 Set 1


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Biology is to science as, __ is to __
basketball; sports
a null hypothesis
is the premise that no difference exists between a treatment and its control group
in a well-designed experiment
a) the prediction will be highly probable if the explanation is true b) the prediction will be highly improbable if the explanation is not true
a water strider (a bug capable of standing and skating across the water) is aided in this activity due to which characteristic
surface tension due to cohesion in the water molecules
which of the following is usually employed before the others by an investigator using the scientific method
make observations
a phylogentic tree
depicts the pattern of evolutionary relationships for a group of organisms
__ is the smallest chemical unit of a type of pure substance
an atom
an atom can be changed into an ion by adding or subtracting
an electron
basic science is important that it explores what we know and helps expand our knowledge
science is the study of natural phenomena
thinking scientifically relies on which of the following
objective observation and experimentation
in a recent study, patients with genetically engineered heart drug were able to walk on a treadmill 26 seconds longer than those not receiving the drug and showed no side effects. can we conclude that this drug is an effective treatment for heart disease?
no, its not clear that the proper controls were made
deduction is a form of logical thinking that
A) uses general principal or law to predict specific results B) is used to extrapolate and predict specific results as long as the general principals are valid
there are three principal types of bonds that hold multiple atoms together. these are
covalent, ionic and hydrogen
science is self-correcting. this means that
science actively seeks to disprove its own theories and hypotheses
the nucleus of an atom is usually made up of
protons, that have a positive charge and neutrons which have a neutral charge
water molecules form which type of bond with other water molecules
which of the following is the most correct
you can accept of reject the hypothesis, but never prove it to be true
__ is the smallest chemical unit of a type of a pure substance
an atom
an atom can be changed into an ion by adding or removing an
sir karl popper, the last centuries most preeminent german philosopher of science argued that science should not strive to prove hypothesis but rather
disprove them
atoms follow what can be termed the octet rule. this means that
they need to have at least 8 electrons in their outer valiance shell
all matter on earth, both living and non-living is made up of
all of the following are aspects of biological literacy except
all of the above a) the ability to communicate with others about issues having a biological component b) ability to process scientific inquiry c) ability to integrate thoughts d)write clearly and precisely
the raw materials of science are
the four most abundant elements in living organisms are
hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon
multiple atoms linked together are collectively called
a molecule
you note a fuzzy growth on the gel in your incubator. what is the name given to this step in the scientific method
the most abundant molecule in the cell is
biology is __
the study of living things
"engaging in aerobic activity three times each week will reduce cholesterol levels" is a
testable hypothesis
in the applications of real world issues, applied science aims to use technology to solve and improve our lives