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A series of notes played with alternating up and down bow strokes.


An off the string bowing played at the balance point of the bow, where the bouncing bow is easy to control.


The bow is "thrown" on the string in the upper third of the bow so that it will bounce a series fo rapid notes on the down-bow.

Con sordino

With mute.

Senza sordino

Without mute.

Con legno

Play by striking the string with the wood of the bow.


Broad and slow.


A deliberate unsteadiness of tempo for expressive purposes.

Piu mosso

More motion, faster.

Meno mosso

Less motion, slower.

Con moto

With motion.




One note with two different names.


Held, sustained.


Gentle pause.

Da Capo

Go to the beginning of the piece and repeat.

Dal Segno

Go to the sign and repeat.

D.S. al coda

Repeat from the sign; skip to the coda when you get to the coda symbol.

D.C. al fine

Go to the beginning of the piece, stop when you reach fine.

Concerto Grosso

A piece of music for orchestra featuring a small group of soloists, called the consortino, contrasting with the larger group called the ripieno.

Chamber Music

Instrumental music performed by one player in each part like a duet, trio, or quartet.

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