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-Positive economic impacts
Creates jobs
Generates additional business for local people and small businesses
Can be developed with local products and resources
Diversified the economy
Tends to be compatible with other economic activities
Spreads development
Increases governtment revenues
Attracts investors
Multiplier effect
Generates foreign exchange
Invisible export industry
Fragmented product, yet integrated in the economy and stimulating

-Negative economic impacts
Causes inflation
Develops excess demand
Creates difficulties of seasonality
Increases the prices of goods and services
High cost developing public tourist facilities
Increases real estate prices
Positive social impacts
Provide more parks and other recreational areas for locals
Provide an incentive for the restoration of historical buildings
Improve the standards of road and other public facilities
Interaction with people from different countries

-Negative social impact
Increase crime rate
Increase in traffic congesion
Increase in noise and pollution
Introduction of undesirable activites such as gambling
Demonstration effect
Creates conflict in the local community

-Positive cultural impacts
Provide an incentive for the preservation of local culture
Development of cultrual activites by local residents
Cultural exchange bewteen

-Negative cultural impacts
Negative effects of tourism on the local culture
Suffering from living in a tourism destination
Negative effects on high spending tourisnt on locals way of living

-Environmental impacts
Degrades the natural physical environment
Results in unpleasantly overcrowded beaches, hiking trails, parks, and other outdoot places
Pollutes the natural resources
Provides an incentive to preserve the environemnt

Main reason people want tourism is because of the economic impact, aka money
Third world challenges