8 terms


an expression that is a number, a variable (raised to a positive integer), or the product of one or more numbers and variables
-a term with no variables in the denominator, no negative exponents, and no fractional exponents
degree of a monomial
the sum of the exponents of the variables
a monomial or the sum or difference of two or more monomials
degree of a polynomial
the highest of the degrees of the monomials
Standard Form of a Polynomial
written in such a way that the degrees of the monomials decrease from left to right
Degree Names
0 | constant
1 | linear
2 | quadratic
3 | cubic
4 | quartic or 4-degree
5 | 5-degree
Number of Term Names
1 | monomial
2 | binomial
3 | trinomial
4 | 4-term polynomial
5 | 5-term polynomial
Like Terms
polynomials with the same variables raised to the same exponents
-can be added and subtracted