House of the Scorpion Chapters 15 - 25

Why was Matt pulled out of bed in the middle of the night and then rushed to the hospital with Celia?
El Patrón had suffered a heart attack.
How did Matt's story of St. Francis, who gave stuff away to the poor, affect El Patrón?
El Patrón became angry at the thought of giving his things away and for a few days he seemed to be recovering.
How had Celia recently changed her garden?
Instead of growing vegetables, Celia planted many new, creepy plants.
Whose wedding was set to take place at the Alacrán mansion soon?
Steven and Emilia's
When Matt returned to the secret oasis, what information did he read and learn about María's mother, Esperanza Mendoza?
She wrote the book A History of Opium, was still alive, and had won the Nobel Peace Prize.
How old was Matt at the end of chapter 19?
What happened one day as Matt played his guitar and sang a Spanish ballad for El Patrón?
Matt's voice cracked, indicating he was growing into a man.
Lying in bed after his party, what horrible reality did Matt begin to understand?
He realized that El Patrón was probably going to kill him soon and use his parts for transplants.
As Matt sat at El Patrón's side, what did he notice about the old man's mind?
El Patrón's mind seemed to be in a confused fog. He constantly spoke of the old days and he confused Matt with his deceased son, Felipe.
How did the long swim at the oasis seem to affect Matt that night?
The swim made Matt very ill with stomach flu.
What happens to Matt's heart? To what does Tam Lin attribute this?
Matt's heartbeat becomes very erratic. Tam Lin attributes this to the chemicals in the sludge.
What does Tam Lin tell Matt about his origin?
That he was harvested from a cow that was sacrificed
Why does Matt want to run away to Aztlán? What causes him to reconsider?
Matt wants to escape the cameras and Felicia's malice and avoid MacGregor. He reconsiders because he would have to leave Celia and Tam Lin and not see Maria.
How do Tam Lin and Celia react to Matt's recurrent illness?
They spend hours by his bedside discussing the dangers in something Celia has been doing.
What does Matt believe El Patrón's declining health means? How does Matt react?
Matt believes that a clone of El patron is growing inside a cow to be used for fetal implants. Matt feels trapped.
How many miles did Matt travel before reaching the Aztlán border?
10 miles
Why was Matt told to get to the border the very next day?
The Farm Patrol was going to be at the house for El Patrón's wake.
After telling Matt his service was no longer needed, what order did Mr. Alacrán give Tam Lin?
Mr. Alacrán told Tam Lin to have Matt put to sleep.
What three people did Matt weep for on the high ridge of the Ajo Mountains?
Celia, Tam Lin, and El Patrón
Where did Tam Lin announce he'd dispose of Matt after being dismissed by Mr. Alacrán?
Tam Lin stated he'd dump Matt next to the eejit pens.
Why didn't Tam Lin help Celia escape with Matt?
He knew Celia could never have climbed the steep rocks, for she was too old.
How was Matt able to escape the Farm Patroller who grabbed him by his backpack?
He unsnapped his backpack and slid out of the straps.
In what way did Tam Lin note that Matt was different than the seven clones before him?
Matt was the only one with musical talent.
How did Matt learn the route to Aztlán's border?
Tam Lin had left maps for Matt inside a metal chest of supplies. The route was marked with a red pen.
After working his way through a canyon with dense bushes, what new obstacle did Matt encounter?
a very steep cliff
What two substances did Celia secretly feed Matt so that his heart would not be a healthy transplant for El Patrón?
foxglove and arsenic
What story was Matt to tell the Aztlános when he reached their border?
He was to tell them his parents were taken by the Farm Patrol.
According to Tam Lin, why was Matt going to find Aztlán a confusing place?
El Patrón had kept Opium frozen in time and Matt would find many things advanced and unfamiliar.
Why did Matt recognize the hospital room he was taken to?
It was the same room where MacGregor's clone had been kept.
How did Tam Lin protect Celia from becoming an eejit?
He marked her forehead so it appeared she'd been operated on and then he put her in the stables with Rosa.
What situation gave Matt an opportunity to escape past the Farm Patrol and reach the border safely?
A group of men who'd been hiding in a nearby junkyard quickly burst off across the border and thus gave Matt a chance to escape when the Farm Patrol began chasing them.
After testing Matt's blood and urine, what did the doctor report?
He reported that Matt had mild anemia and his liver functions were a little off.
Why was Matt's destination going to be San Luis?
María was staying at the convent of Santa Clara in San Luis and there she could help him.
Why does El Patrón believe he has a right to live, even if it means the death of his clones?
Has given his clones a good life and thinks he deserves their organs because all his siblings died young and he is meant to have their lives
What does Celia reveal about using Matt for a transplant? What effect does this have on El Patrón and on Matt?
Matt can't be used for transplant because she's been giving him arsenic. El Patron becomes enraged, screams, and collapses. Matt is exhausted and uncertain.
What does Mr. Alacrán order concerning Matt? What does Tam Lin then do to Matt?
Mr. Alacran orders that Matt be put to sleep. Tam Lin knocks Matt down and ties him up.
Where does Tam Lin tell the members of El Patrón's army he is taking Matt? Where does he actually take him?
Tam Lin tells the members of El Patron's army that he is taking Matt to the pit by the eejit pens but he actually takes him to the oasis.
What does Tam Lin tell Matt about his own past and about Celia's influence in his life?
He accidentally killed the 20 children and became a "monster" for El Patron until Celia helped him develop moral values
Where does Tam Lin tell Matt to go? What is his reasoning for not going with him?
Tam Lin tells Matt to go to Aztlan. Tam Lin's reasong for not going with him is that he has a chance to right some things he's down wrong.
What does Matt realize about El Patrón's clones?
The organs of the other clones have been used to extend his life.
Why does Matt think he is different from the others?
His brain was not destroyed.
Why did the wasteland guards, Ralf and Hugh, almost arrest Matt?
They thought Matt was either an eejit making a run for it or an Illegal.
Who defended Matt's presence at El Viejo's funeral?
María and Celia
How was El Viejo related to El Patrón?
He was El Patrón's grandson.
What crime had Tam Lin committed?
Tam Lin tried to bomb the Prime Minister's house in London but the blast killed twenty kids on a school bus which had pulled up at the wrong moment.
Where did Matt take María as the two fled El Viejo's funeral?
to the music room and then the adjoining closet with secret passages
Where did Senator Mendoza send Maria and Emilia to live, soon after Furball was killed?
to a convent in San Luis
Who wrote A History of Opium, one of the books Tam Lin had left Matt in the metal chest?
Esperanza Mendoza, María's mother
What was the main crop of Opium and where was it marketed?
The main crop, opium, was sold to Europe, Asia, and Africa.
What happened to Matt's Safe Horse when he set out to investigate the wastelands in the north?
His horse stumbled and its legs folded underneath the animal.
As Matt set out for a horse ride, what was the first thing he searched for?
Celia's old house
Why did El Patrón acquire and use such men as Tam Lin, Ralf, Hugh, and Wee Willie, to use as Farm Patrol workers?
The men were convicted murderers who would be loyal to El Patrón or they'd be turned over to police.
Who did Matt recognize as the eejit who prepared his request for a Safe Horse to ride?
What was the priest's reaction when Matt filed past El Viejo to pay his last respects?
The priest announced that Matt did not belong there, as he was a beast and not a human.
How did Matt manage to get back to the Big House from the waste treatment plant?
Ralf and Hugh delivered him there by truck, with Wee Willie driving.
List two couples Matt noticed holding hands at El Viejo's funeral.
Emilia and Steven; María and Tom
Who passed away while Matt was enjoying a brief horse ride to the oasis?
El Viejo
What does Matt discover at the oasis? What do you think Tam Lin's note implies?
Matt discovers a note, survival supplies, and a book about opium. Tam Lin's note implies that Tam Lin hasn't deserted Matt.
Who dies while Matt is in the oasis? How do Mr. Alacrán and El Patrón react to this death?
El Viejo dies while Matt is in the oasis. Mr. Alacran is sad, and El Patron is annoyed.
Who killed Furball? How does María react to this news?
Felicia killed Furball. Maria reacts by collapsing.
What does Matt believe his future holds? What does he plan to do with the eejits?
Matt believes that someday He will be in charge of Opium. Matt plans to free the eejits.
What does Matt learn about the eejit pens? What happens to Matt when he goes there?
Matt learns that the eejit pens are located on contaminated land. When Matt goes there he falls into sludge and is caught by Farm Patrol